See Things For What They Can Be

Inner Ear Delight

The sound is translucent

The inner ear

Has caught a sound,

Its sting is of a

Melodic melody of melodies.

The inner ear is abuzz

Tingling in delight

Almost to frenzy

The body twitches


To this pleasure

Translucent except to

Inner ear delight

My submission to Poetry Potluck

Comments on: "Inner Ear Delight" (10)

  1. inner ear delight
    is bright
    and lovely in sight,

    happy potluck.


  2. Music does this to you!


  3. Ah music it makes you want to sing and dance, cast aside your inhibitions its pure pleasure


  4. nicely written, thanks for making me think


  5. In a strange sort of way, this little piece makes one feel like dancing. Sup wit dat?


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