See Things For What They Can Be

During The Change

Here are some pics I took while moving things around in the room that is now no longer my man cave. 

The pink you see is not the color of my choice when
these pieces of furniture were purchased.

We bought these from a place that sold used hotel furniture. They had a brown that I preferred but settled on the pink for TheWife. 

A few items set aside waiting
for their new home.
This is a better shot of the 4 drawer dresser.
We’ve had these around for at least
20 years. They were in TheWife’s possesion
during the separation.

One thing I will say about these…they withstand the test of time.

At this point I thought I was finally
coming to the close of a long day…
…until this. This was a heart breaker. In my mind and
measurements, this should not have been a
problem…except I missed a measure or two….


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