See Things For What They Can Be

Just Us?

It is hard not to imagine in all that exists, we are the only living intelligent forms of life…as we live ours, according to how we exist…surely there are others living theirs, according to their existence. 

In our finite minds
others do exist?
Surely?, we only
In this vast space?

It really doesn’t matter what our religious beliefs might be, how we worship God or whether we believe in Him or not. It matters not the years of study and speculation.

Only one form of intelligent life?….in all that we have not even begun to see?

What we cannot see
does it exist?
As far as our
Eyes have taken us

We have yet to see
The beginnings of
The stone has yet to touch water

I believe it is a good thing in what we have accomplished concerning our exploration into the existence of whatever is out there. But really…just us?


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