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WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 3

Welcome to WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday

This is the place to link in and tell the world in a community setting what it is that’s going on in life. In other words, what it is you’re #workinon. 

Come join us!


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don’t even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 

If you’ve never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That’s all there is to it…I’m looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you’re #workinon.

Here we go!

She Kicked Me

 Yesterday was MyMom’s birthday. I called her around midday or so and she still sounds like the same strong woman I have known all my life. It’s such a joy to hear her smiling voice when she answers my call. I don’t call her nearly as much I should and I am really disappointed in myself.

I have been on this roller coaster and can’t seem to bring myself completely out of this pit. OK, first off things have really improved on some very important areas and I’m feeling good about those. 

So it’s pointing back to me and I have known that from the beginning of my personal slump. I wonder if depression has nestled its way in, clinging to various aspects of my every move, my thoughts, and my body. Life is good. I have no desire to sit back and give up and allow this to encompass my life. It’s a battle and a hard fought one. Frustration is one of the main obstacles, even though I have made progress, the setbacks continue to mount…and the setbacks are tied into my writing…here is where the battle is hardest fought.

In my need to turn things around, I have put so much onto my plate and now I have complicated my situation a little bit more…with more things to think about and more things to accomplish. Unfortunately, coupled with my lack of writing, some of the very things I had set out to do to coincide with my turn around, is suffering.

All is not lost…for this is but a bump in the road that jars you more than your ordinary bump in the road. As I mentioned before, I talked to MyMom and gave her my birthday greetings. We talked and she pretty much told me to suck it up and get back to who I am…that’s the short version…and I needed that kick. MyMom gave me a six month challenge. She wants to see where I am in six months…I needed that too. I wrote a Mother’s Day poem for MyMom…you should check it out.

Talking to my daughter MahoganyMama, she gives me a thirty day blog challenge…and I never told her about the challenge MyMom gave me….this is good too.

These two challenges pop out of nowhere in the span of hours apart. Someone knows what I need.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me….

Whatr U Workin On?


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