See Things For What They Can Be

It Was Weird

I was at a drive-thru waiting to put my order in and at the same time trying to figure out why the van is rocking as if someone was pushing it. I looked into my mirrors to see if anyone was there and then looked at the trees and thought that it wasn’t that windy because they were hardly moving. It seemed to happen two separate times because I remember thinking that it had stopped and found myself looking into the mirrors and at the trees again.

I thought that was weird and proceeded on my way. It wasn’t until after my next stop that I was told that there had been an earthquake and they had just returned to the building moments before I arrived. Then I felt so different when I realized that it was an earthquake…it was like, wow!

Cell phone service was down for a bit…I couldn’t retrieve voice mail. I guess it was a big thing for the area. It’s been over 100 years since the last one. That’s a track record I can live with.


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