See Things For What They Can Be

Let Me Explain

I’m gonna try to get this done before midnight but if I don’t get it all done, I’ll finish later. 

Today is the 35th wedding anniversary for TheWife and I. If you are a friend on Facebook and you commented on my post, this may give you a better understanding about some of my replies. 

I wish I had time to link but if I do, I won’t get this finished so I apologize for that. Some of you know that me and TheWife were separated for three years and in December of 2010 she and my son moved here to be with us so they could grow with the kids. 

If you read my posts over this past weekend, you may have noticed I made a couple of comments concerning no action between me and TheWife. Details of that will come later also but for now, let me say that I thought things would be different once we got back together but I was totally wrong. She hasn’t changed.

On my Facebook page I had mentioned how it was our anniversary and that I hadn’t said anything to her, knowing she too had remembered (because she doesn’t forget things like that) and I wondered if I was being a butt for not saying anything. I received a few comments on that post and I’m sure those who did comment have no idea (maybe save 1 or 2) why I have chosen to take that path. It’s not really complicated but could be construed as confusing. Again, if I go into detail right now I won’t get this done before midnight and I want this posted tonight.

OK, so this is where I stop for now….I know it’s not much but it’s the beginning…..stay tuned. 


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