See Things For What They Can Be

….I can also say that I have been busy, I may be doing tooo many things at one time but I know all I have to do is find that rhythm that will make this work. Ideas are coming from all directions and I have been capturing some of them in art and in writing. I have been using all hand tools due to the loss of the power tools I had acquired over the years, building for this present moment and time in my life….I remember spur of the moment purchases I made, such as a stand alone router table that I never used, bought new. I bought a heavy duty table top drill press at a pawn shop while I was driving by and decided to stop in. Let’s see…I had a hand held router, a good medium to heavy range dual grinder,  a descent 7″ hand held power saw, a jig saw, oh did I mention my compound miter saw that was just getting its groove on? Not to mention various other hand tools and what I can’t remember I had.

(nice and slow exhale)

I’m working a part time job and I hope this will allow me to gain more resources (I desperately need at least 1 essential power tool right now) to accommodate my present needs and then to, rebuild from there.

I have scribbles on paper that are filled with things for me to look at or put into play….you know how it is, sometimes a second look is not as enticing as the first. I have a potential order for another custom design Shadowbox Clock that will be a gift for someone. I’ll start that project right away.

I’m #workinon getting myself a workshop or working space….that will take some time.

I’ve said it before…things really aren’t as bad as I think they are at times….but, am I too hard on myself?….



Comments on: "It’s Been Quiet Here, But…" (2)

  1. You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm


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