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I Have Experimented

I’ve noticed that some of my old post have been read lately and that has given me a curious look myself. I’ve opened a couple of them to see what I’ve written and noticed that I’ve done some experimenting along the way since I started this blog.

I recently deleted my second most read post because I wasn’t really thinking when I wrote it and I thought it may have been offensive to women. Thinking back, I was angry not at women, but with TheWife and just happen to blurt out loud my frustration and the post really had nothing to do with why I was upset with her.

In general I am happy to say that my blog hasn’t really changed although I have done some experimenting. 

This post…World Class gets a lot of reads and reflects the core of my blog. I believe that life in general is our place of learning. Not taking away from text books, but they can’t give what life itself does. If we can’t learn from life, all the books in the world are useless….that’s just me.

Life Has…is another post that has been read most recently by a few people. After reading this again brought to mind a post I had written about Steps

Reading these reminded me of the style of poetry I like to write most although I have written a little on the dark side

A stroll down memory lane has brought back the experiences I have in writing this blog and what I’ve learned along the way. It’s not a very popular blog but I do appreciate my followers and those who happen to drop in unexpected. I keep moving along and I’ll see what this journey has in store.


Comments on: "I Have Experimented" (4)

  1. its like a journal…going back through posts and cool to see how we have grown or changed…or the things that we have left behind along the way as well…life is our place of learning for sure…


  2. Yes Brian I was a bit amazed at how things changed but still remain the same if that makes any sense.


  3. I think one of my favorite things about having a blog is the ability to look back and see where I was at mentally at any particaluar point in time. I love knowing how far I have come, and how much I have remained the same.


  4. S.I.F. I know change is good under any circumstances and I incorporate that into my blog and at the same time I hope I stay true to my style of writing because that is me.


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