See Things For What They Can Be

A couple of weekends ago, I was helping my boss move boxes at his place so that he can begin enjoying his man cave. In doing so, he had a 18 speed bike that was taking up space he no longer had a need or want for it.

It had been sitting in a garage for years but was still in good condition. The tires were dry and I knew the tubes would have to be replaced as well. Yesterday I did the front tire and tube. This morning I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and got the other tire and tube.



After removing the old tire and tube, I saw that rust was on the inside of the rim.


So a little elbow grease and a scrubby pad was in order.


That didn’t take too long and before I knew it, it was all back together.


It rides much better than I thought it would and I rode further than planned. I really like my new (used) bike.


Now I have an after work stress burner!


Comments on: "I Love My New (Used) Bike" (4)

  1. Great job on the bike!


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