See Things For What They Can Be

New Beginnings

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since my last post. So what has been happening in my life during this time? Well I’m very thankful and blessed to be alive and able to bang these keys. I have recovered very nicely from my heart valve repair and regular, well somewhat regular doctor visits are a part of my life these days. Some of you may want a play by play of why I have been silent for so long, but I really don’t want or think it is necessary to bore you with not so dramatic details. Instead, I’d rather focus on now and what is ahead.

So with that said, I am currently beginning a new line of Graphic Art Designs that you can take a peek at here if you would like. Some my new designs are still off the charts from conventional designs as were some of my old ones, but I like to be different and they mirror a lot of what I liked to do back when I doodled with pencil and paper. The time away has given me more of a perspective in toning down on what I had been designing.

I see so many artists’ works and I admittedly am very envious of what I see and it has held me back for so long because I felt I could never compete or my works would never be appreciated. I had to set all of that aside and realize that there are so many ways people see art.

I See Things For What They Can Be

I have had this line on my Twitter for a few years now and it really fits what I am into today. I dropped the “I” from that line in hopes many will see how something is different but can still be appreciated especially with my artwork.

I have gotten I lot of good feedback as I have revealed some of my products on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and canvas prints. The link above is one of the stores I currently have online, the other is being revised to service different products for my brands.

Why two stores you ask? For me it is the best solution available at this time as I am laying the foundation.

I’m guessing by now you want to see something I have designed. OK, how about my logo.

The name of the design that looks like a boat is, “It’s A Boat”. It was designed from a circle that I had no idea what it was going to be until it started taking shape, and that is how a lot of my designs come to be. It reminds me of doodling and that is why I have so much fun with this. Giving a name to some of the designs is more of a challenge than the art itself and people have asked what in the world is that. Some don’t see what I see and I sometimes don’t see what they do. Another example:

Again, the design on the left is one continuous line. Sometimes I’m working a design for days before I come up with anything. I actually made a clock out of this design. Anyway, I digress. After making the clock, that I have in my cubicle at work, hardly anyone saw the figure of a man…let me take that back…no one saw the figure of a man. Someone saw a baseball cap I never saw and a couple people saw a ladies high heal shoe that didn’t pay attention to. My main focus was the figure of the man.

I wanted to market the man’s figure without the rest because I knew it wouldn’t be accepted as is. Any movement of a line re-configures the design and I lose the man or other parts.  So I had to break this guy away from the rest of the design. As you can see he turned out very well standing by himself I think. The design on the left was originally called “Chillin” and after the breakaway, I changed it to “I Got Time”.

My grandson Samuel saw me in this t-shirt and said : “Peepaw, I wish I had a shirt like that because that is really cool.”

I said: “You really like this Samuel?” He said: “Yep”

IGotTime TMe IGotTime T

I told Him he could have one but I couldn’t get it to him at that moment but I would be sure to get him one.

Now, I’m really picky. I like the design but wasn’t crazy about how the outer glow on the shirt, although it looks great on screen and on paper. So I went to work and revised the design a little and came up with what you saw above and on this shirt.

Mens T I Got Time 4 Web

No that’s not my grandson, that is my son who didn’t want to be in the shot. I’m pleased with how this turned out and pretty sure anyone who buys this will be as well. Samuel doesn’t have his yet and I’m hoping he won’t mind becoming a celebrity when he gets his.





If you decide to visit my store, you will see more of my unusual designs and more are added almost daily and more products are on the way.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read and thanks in advance for stopping by my store and stay tuned for more.


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