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Tidbit Time

I’m gonna throw in a few things on this one.

First off, Friday is just around the bend and I’m trying to retrieve files from the pc before the hard drive dies completely. I’d like to design a header for the meme.  

Have you ever been in situations where you really want to say something but for the better good, you opt for silence? That’s me right now. I know exactly what issues are bothering me, but for the better good or know it would do no good to speak, I opt for silence….and that includes writing about it…this sucks and I don’t intend to let it linger.


I rode my bike late yesterday and did what I call a hard ride…I really pushed myself. It hurt, but felt good. I didn’t ride today, so it’s gotta be in the morning before work. 


Gonna try to see if the pc will work with me.  

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