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Letting Go

Over the years, I had accumulated a vast array of old mail and personal papers that I had intended to shred with a shredder I purchased many years ago. These papers had grown to several boxes and because I didn’t do what I had bought the shredder for in the first place, found their way into closet space. They had also become a regular part of our moving routine as if they were furniture.

You see, I absolutely refused to just throw these papers into the trash. Addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, tax returns….I was not going to trust this information was not going to end up in the wrong place….that’s why I bought the shredder, right? Oh, I did use the shredder when I first purchased it, and several times thereafter. But the mass of junk mail and docs and notes, and whatever else with our info on it continued to pile.

Over the past 2 months, I sat myself down in front of the television, making sure their was nothing on that I was really interested in so as not to distract me and piece by piece, junk mail by junk mail, box by box ridding myself of this unwanted pile of old.

There were papers dating back to 1997. Old tax returns, vehicle maintenance, credit card apps, you name it. I even came across an old check what seemed to be worth over $2400 dated 2011. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a real check or there was a catch in order to cash it in the first place, which is why it sat uncashed. But just for giggles, I took it to the bank….it was actually drawn on my present banking institute….to see if it was a valid check. They told me because of the date I would have to take it back to the issuer of the check. I took it back home, go online and the company is still in business. I call and explain that I have a check, not telling them the amount, but I did give the date of said check. I was transferred to someone’s voice mail and I knew then and there all I had was a trophy in my hands. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew I didn’t cash the check for a reason, in the first place.

As I said, over a 2 month period I took all of the old papers to my job and put them into our shredding bin that we are able to use, to finally get rid of a ‘hang nail’ so to speak. It really felt good knowing that was done and now I can use my personal shredder at home to stay on top of unwanted papers.

Sometimes we hold onto old ‘things’ in our everyday living….not paper….that accumulates and hangs around until they become piles of unneeded debris. We can’t or won’t let go. But holding on to those things prevents us from achieving so many new accomplishments that helps us to grow, to become better in life.

It’s just a matter of having a made up mind and taking ‘things’ to the shredder.


A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry 4

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in the series

A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry 

This is number 4 in the series and another photograph by Daniel Plumer
What stands out for me in this photo?…the fire and ice look, each giving the other their due respect in opposites, creating a union of beauty.  

Two Beautiful

A fire travels above the cool quench below in sight

Consuming not to destroy, but to give wondrous light

The coolness below touched not by its red hot glare

Seems they two admonish, their beauty declared

Photograph by Daniel Plumer 

Poem by me

It Doesn’t Take Much

I took these pictures in our back yard earlier today.

It doesn’t take much to appreciate the fact that change is on the way.

Samuel Royce Alexander Harmon

I was sitting here checking mail and I went to my blog and skimmed through my last few postings. Because of the way I had been feeling, I put off writing a post to my grandson. Kept telling myself I want to wait until the time is right; when I feel like I’m ready to start writing again. I’ll admit that personal slump hit me a bit hard in that area. Other parts of my emotional being also took hits as well, so I struggled for a time there. I’m feeling better and I want to write again.

Samuel at birth weighed in as the smallest of the three. Nakiah, the first born weighed in at 10lbs. Ava weighed in at 10lbs 10oz. Samuel comes into the world weighing 7lbs 10oz. He’s making that up fast. 

 I have been enjoying the presence of my grandson, included in the presence of Nakiah and Ava. Samuel’s face lights up when one of them come close to him or starts to play with him. 

He is growing so fast. During his first week, he wasn’t feeling me a whole lot. As the next few weeks past by, I have been able to hold him longer than just a few minutes. I have been able to put him to sleep a few times. He’s starting to smile at me when he sees me. I like that. 

                                        Samuel at 2 weeks

A couple days after he was born, I remember telling Darcel how he had been holding his head up on his own. Such a show off. When I’m holding him, I have to remember that he is still too young to really do this on his own on a regular, but he really insists on showing us what he is capable of doing. He’s following voices and  mommy and daddy passing by movements; it’s hard to keep up with him.

I still can hear the ringing in my ears when Charles came running upstairs shouting: “I got my boy!!!– I got my boy!!!”  We then proceeded to hug each other in appreciation. It was really an exciting time!!!

I think about the days before birth and how Darcel was dealing with false labor (she was actually in labor); I wished I could do something for her, but knew that all I could do was try to be there for her….you know how daddy’s are. I’m so proud of Darcel and how she was able to manage the stress and emotions of child birth. 

Everything turned out well…it’s easy for me to say….I wasn’t giving birth. Charles and Darcel have their son and I have my grandson. As I said before, he is growing fast as you see in the following photo.  

                                          Samuel at 6 weeks

He’s really porkin out huh? That’s my grandson!!

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