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Here They Are

Here they are….the most recent Shadowbox Clocks I finished. The first is the gift clock I mentioned before. 

It has a picture of Theresia’s son Austin, as a baby with a poem from him to his mom. 

This is the printout of the design that was used in the clock. I wrote the poem after a few thoughts were given to me what he (Austin) wanted to say.

What you see in the bottom left corner is something I can’t go into, but it was requested.

           Here it is in the frame.

Some of you know of the Rise Above design on the left. So this is the front side of the picture in this post.

Now this next clock was designed for one of TheWife’s co-workers. Sitiquat explained to me what she wanted but I asked her to draw a sketch for me.

This is the picture she sent to me in an email and I tried to use it for her clock but because all the elements are joined together, I couldn’t get the fill colors separate. So I started going through my inventory of art and came up with this. I used The Bottomless Heart in place of a solid heart and I think it gives a ribbon type look as a bookmark.

She wanted a digital clock instead of a dial clock but I forgot that when I was doing the initial work. 

If you’re interested in what the dial face looks like…..

These are my two most recent and I’m currently #workinon a few other things.

See anything you like?


Here’s The Revised Edition

I wasn’t able to sit and work on my new video like I thought I would but I finally got it finished tonight and although it still isn’t what I really wanted concerning the speed of the heart growing, I’m happy with the video. 

The border in the image is my own hand doodle design in 3D of course. You’ll be seeing more of those. 

I had new ideas come to me while finishing this one and I’m gonna get busy starting it before I turn in.

I hope you enjoy the video…..and the audio is my own mix.

Longer Than I Thought

I have made note of how I was coming along on my social networks but failed to come back here…so sorry.

Well if you got a chance to watch my first promo video before I snatched it, I’m sure you can understand why I did so. I’m not sure why the video quality degraded so badly. Software, images, whatever it is I don’t want to spend the time to try and fix it. So instead I have decided to take a whole new approach….in the long run it will be much more beneficial. Again it’s a work in progress and learning comes with it. 

The next one won’t be exactly what I want, but better than the first…#workinon the audio right now. 

I am purposely holding back on some things I want to do and that is a time and place issue….life is good. 

No Title

I’m not sure where this one is headed but I’m throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks. 

Yesterday I was feeling awful…just bad awful. I thought I was gonna puke but that never happened, so I had to deal with the other end. I was actually feeling fine early on, I had some fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls and not long after that it was all down hill. Those things stayed on my stomach for hours….churning, not digesting. All I could do was lay down and sleep. I had crackers and ginger ale later in the afternoon…I had all of two crackers.

As the evening wore on, I was feeling a little better but still unable to eat anything of substance. I was due back at work today and I could tell that I wasn’t going to be 100 percent but I got through with crackers and ginger ale. By 2:00 I could tell the end was about there. I stopped on the way home to get chicken noodle soup to start the system slowly…along with crackers and ginger ale. 

See?…told ya. I don’t have much. 

Hey, take a look at one of my latest designs. Don’t laugh at my house, I drew it myself.

Yes, it’s on the website but I’m think I’m going to take the background away for the t-shirts. If you hop over there you’ll see what I mean.

Better Late Than Never?

This was supposed to be the meme post that I didn’t finish and it was also to be the post for the one I accidentally posted yesterday

OK…so I’ve been #workinon my designs and making headway in my attempts at transferring them to my new software. I like the new look and you may also see new designs coming.

As I wanted from the very beginning, I will be able to accomplish the product line I believe will be appealing to many. Calendars, cards, T-shirts, maternity, baby, mugs and so on. 

Below is an old design of The Bottomless Heart.
This is the new look.

I will be making changes to my core logo design but the #QuestionMark will remain. Below is a sample.

I’ll be adding a dot on the bottom of the #QuestionMark.

Those are some of the things I’ve been #workinon around here.


WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 1


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don’t even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 

If you’ve never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That’s all there is to it…I’m looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you’re #workinon.

Here’s mine 

Getting Back In

At this point in my life, I have more distractions than I have had before. It’s not all bad, it just takes me away from some things I want and need to do. Yes there are some distractions that have taken their toll on me. 

It has been a long time since I have designed anything new, I haven’t been posting like I was, I’m sitting on projects…and it goes on. 

I haven’t been able to access my files on the pc yet and that is a real treat because I have pictures I need along with the files I’d like to re-acquire.

So I have been on a mission recently to get back in the game. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, complaining…blah, blah blah…yep, that was me. I’m done with that. It’s time for me to pick myself up and get going. I purchased a external hard drive to transfer the files from the pc. If the hard drive is truly dead, then I will have to start from scratch…well, almost from scratch. I do have a lot of my greeting card files and t-shirt designs saved but I need the main software.

I got the Netbook thinking I would also be using the pc. That went south shortly after I got the Netbook, so it’s not all bad because I can still do whatever except it doesn’t have a disc drive. I’ll purchase an enclosure and solve that problem.

I’m giving myself two weeks to make a decent dent in this turnaround. I figure if I put it out there, I’ll have to be accountable….and I want this.

Whatr U Workin On?       

Who I Am

Who I am remains to be told
And as time goes, all will unfold
For all to see what I am about
I’m lean for my age, and pretty stout

I believe in God, as my creator
And thank Him often I’ll tell you later
For now I will say it’s because of Him
My current situation, does stem

I am the creator of The Bottomless Heart
I love so much the designs that are a part
Of my life today, to bring joy and smiles
To the lives of loved ones for miles and miles

I am a grandfather of three, 2 girls and a boy
They fill My Heart with so much joy
To hear them laugh and play
This age I wish they could stay

But time will not allow this to be
For they will grow older along with me
As their grandfather straight off the cuff
The Bottomless Heart and other stuff

Will be a foundation for them to build
And to add as they please within the field 
Of family friendly products for all to enjoy
And the many people they will employ

I could go on but here I’ll stop
But I will continue, with clip and crop
As designs and words from here to there
Will come to fruition, I’ll be sure to share 

Up and Running

Finally got the pc back up and running smooth. I had a couple of system files on two other hard drives. The 300G went south for good. I realized if I didn’t do something to fix this, I would be having trouble again. Before, I was just doing a format of the hard drives. I decided to delete the partitions on drives that had systems files; that way I would start clean. I did that and now I’m installing software and getting things back in order. 

I do have copies of my designs, but I can’t use them for print. They will be my templates for getting caught up.

I did a post on my daughter’s blog, Guest Post Friday . I was hoping to come home from work to see how it went but it turns out I had to fix a few things. I got that done and now I’m getting ready to bury myself into some music and the pc…. a lot of work to do. 

One thing I do like about this past bad experience?…..I didn’t let it get to me. I didn’t have to spend any extra money or lose any sleep; I lost files, but I have copies, I lost a lot of time from designing–working and working on the pc–, but knowing what needs to be done and having something to work from, makes that task enjoyable. 

This was the debut of The Bottomless Heart….yes, catch the link above. I hadn’t planned on bringing it out this soon, but after a short time thinking, felt it was the perfect time. 

More pictures will be added to my website 
Feel free to browse until it’s running full speed.

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