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They Are Many

Strong is the courage, the courage are many
Time over time come, they are a plenty
Service to country and service to man
Free that we are, in this our own land

Hear the battle cry, thunderous roar
Voices all, as they rush the shore
Men and women strong to the core
It is done now, as it was before

See faces worn, see their tears flow
See their might all with aglow
Name them one, name them all
Years over time, in battle some fall

I cannot deny how proud I am
To be and say, I’m an American
Our flag flies high and dips for none
Watch in parades, see how it’s done

Freedom comes with a price
Say it once twice and thrice
Let it ring throughout the land
They are the reason we stand

For love of country, for want of peace
I tip my hat for it is the least
Do I for them one, and do for them all
Many have fallen, many answer still the call

Poetry Picnic Week 25: Military, Soldiers, and Veterans


That Was Close

I know I said I was doing a series about me, getting to know me and all; but I was working on The Bottomless Heart and was doing some test prints and the graphics are far less than desirable. 

So in a way you can say you have found out something about me. In this situation, poor planning. I may have jumped the gun just a tad. I wanted this to debut at the end of August and running into a snag like this is my fault also because I just came up with the design a few days ago. But I had been working on other stuff for some time and this just popped. I rushed this….I see that now. But only because I’m having an art problem. The idea and concept behind The Bottomless Heart is intact. 

I now realize what my problem is and I am in the process of correcting that. It starts with the basic piece of artwork that I used. I’m using PrintMaster 11 to create my projects and Adobe PhotoShop 6 to finish some of them. I like using PrintMaster because of it’s versatility. I love the different effects I got with this particular design. As I was saying, it started with the original art object. I hadn’t noticed before how the edges were jagged. So when I stretched it, those jagged edges really show up in print. I can’t really fault the artwork either because I’m trying to use it in a way that it’s not meant to be. I see an object and I see it’s potential. So what I’ve learned is that I may have to be careful with what type of art I use in a given project.  I have to say that this is my first glitch using PrintMaster and again it’s the fault of the artwork.

I have a couple of ideas, and I’m confident that I can pull this off….all I have to do is get smooth edges…..what so hard about that? 


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