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A New Card

I added a new card to my Etsy Shop

This card can be given anytime of the year, but it’s great for Valentines day too!

Well….Whatr U waiting for?


Moving Forward

Where do I go from here? 

Which door should I open? 

Are new goals in order?

Answering the first question, I say that I stay the path that I have planned thus far. I will soon be back on the path to designing and hopefully have products up for sale soon. Sweet!

The answer to the second question spans across the uncertainty of life itself. I would have to say that to know which door will be opened is to know the future. Predictions can be fun and it is a guess as to what is going to happen at any given moment. Life.

New goals are definitely on the horizon. I have ideas that are popping like corn in a kettle over an open flame. Yummy!

When was the last time I told you that I’m lovin’ life.

Ooooh yeeeeah!!

The Winner Is….

Yes, we have a winner for my giveaway.

The winner is Theresia Reistad and her entry came from my Facebook Fan Page. 

As I had posted on my Fan Page a week ago, I had drawn a name who was a follower from Twitter, but the winner failed to contact me to claim the prize.

Congratulations to Theresia. I’m sure she will enjoy the cards as well as the loved ones and friends who will receive them as a gift from her. 

No Fanfare

In case you haven’t heard or found out via a link here or there, my website, has launched. I decided not to do a big announcement or anything like that because I had given myself a deadline to get the site up and ready for business by the end of September. I did that, but in the process of doing so, I pretty much drained myself. Working a full time job and coming home to work on my “second” job proved to be a tad exhausting. 

Right now I have Romance and Birthday cards on the site. I’m still adding to both and including Anniversary, Congratulations, Friendship, and of course, with Christmas coming, I’ll be working on those, and more. 

I was just so happy to have it ready, I had no energy for a “Grand Opening”. I think I will still have a “thing” about my opening, but right now, it’s not happening. 

I AM going to have a give away… very soon. I have decided to give a lucky winner, no less than five (5) cards. At least two (2) of them will be fresh designs.

Details will be announced on The Mahogany Way. I will link to her site when that happens.   

Until then, this will be the last time I mention anything about the give away on this blog until a winner is announced!! 

So stay tuned and good luck. 

On a footnote, it may not be a bad idea to get email notices from this blog from here on, because I will be making special offers and I’m the kinda guy who likes to have fun and give stuff away….

…just a thought    


The last time I posted, I was watching football. Tonight, it’s the Colts and the Giants. It’s the build up of the brothers before the game. I’m watching the scores right now and I think it could be a very interesting season. The Jets beat the Patriots. Washington lost in OT against the Texans….Washington should have won that one in regulation….yes, this could be an interesting season. 

Before tonight, I had been busy getting some cards ready for purchase. I had the whole weekend off, so that gave me time to catch up. I posted pictures of the cards I have ready onto my website, here. I’m about to get into e commerce, pricing the cards and getting sku numbers. It’s getting close and I have an exciting, nervous anticipation flowing through me. 

I’m really pleased with the look of the printed cards. I’m beginning to see that it was a blessing that I had a computer crash AND that I had to do my designs over again. As I got into the half fold cards, I saw that some adjustments had to be made. Learning as we go. 

Here are a couple of cards.

 I’m still adding new cards and also working on Birthdays, Anniversary, Congratulations and more. 

I haven’t forgotten about my T-shirt line. I’m doing test prints on some of those also, with iron-ons. I put this on a T-shirt of mine and it turned out pretty good.

Don’t forget to take a look at the selection on my site

That’s what I’ve been Workin On….what about U?

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