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My current Project

My current project is due to noise I had been hearing from my front end while driving. After examination I narrowed it down to the outside tie-rod end on the driver’s side.



After I finished I took for a spin and the noise is gone, it handles better and now I have to get a wheel alignment.

A expected project  done unexpectedly.



I Stand Corrected

I’m not sure how I made this mistake….I figure it’s a man thing with dates and all. 

It’s not much but I think that if we go public with things and a mistake is made, that it should be corrected. 

It has to do with the dresser I had mentioned and pictured in my room change post. I said that we had those for 20 years….talked to TheWife last night about it and she said it was only about 7 years.

Yeah…it’s gotta be about men and dates.

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