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A thought just came to me concerning challenges…several thoughts actually. 

Sometimes we seem to feel we are challenged and in some cases we are put on the defensive because we may feel it was unjust, creating emotions built on anger.

There are times when stuff pops up when we least expect it and that could cause anxiety…which in turn will bring thoughts that are not quite clear because we don’t have the desire to deal with anything.

Then there are challenges that push us…make us work, think, have that feeling of accomplishment. 

So what are the underlying factors behind challenges? Are they tests? Do they come to consume ones very being? Are they meant to build?…or destroy. 

Challenges come in all facets through life. We cannot avoid them. One thing they can do at times… frustrate. But I believe in the long run, that builds character.

My vote goes to challenges being an integral part of life unavoidable….like it or not…and whether I like them or not, they teach me and I learn and from that comes growth.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

Whatr U Workin On?  

Tidbit Time

I’m gonna throw in a few things on this one.

First off, Friday is just around the bend and I’m trying to retrieve files from the pc before the hard drive dies completely. I’d like to design a header for the meme.  

Have you ever been in situations where you really want to say something but for the better good, you opt for silence? That’s me right now. I know exactly what issues are bothering me, but for the better good or know it would do no good to speak, I opt for silence….and that includes writing about it…this sucks and I don’t intend to let it linger.


I rode my bike late yesterday and did what I call a hard ride…I really pushed myself. It hurt, but felt good. I didn’t ride today, so it’s gotta be in the morning before work. 


Gonna try to see if the pc will work with me.  

I’ve Slept On It

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Now that I’ve had time to sleep on the news from yesterday, I find myself fighting the flow of tears that wish to flow from my eyes.

I know it will be more than difficult for me to work through this today…even more than it was yesterday.

When I get home I will make at least one call…this call to ask why.

Why wasn’t I informed long ago about this. 

I want and need answers to ease the pain I’m feeling from not knowing sooner.

I know answers will not decrease the pain in my heart, but I need to know.

I move on to the next stage, now that I’ve slept on it.

Mixed Bag

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I’m dealing with a mixed bag of emotions right now. 

I’m hurt, angry, sad, frustrated, and probably more that I can’t name. 

I don’t want to go into details right now but I received a phone call earlier today which caused me much grief. 

Out of respect for my family, I have chosen for the time being to keep things under wrap. But that doesn’t stop me from venting. I’m trying to figure out why I wasn’t told about this…no, the severity of this sooner. 

So here I am with my emotions and thoughts bouncing all over the place…

…stuck with a mixed bag.  

Funny thoughts

Moments in any given day can and will bring times of laughter. Often times we find we’re laughing at ourselves, which is a good thing. If we laugh at ourselves and others see it, then we are more able to enjoy a laugh at someone else’s expense. It’s all in fun in how you present it or how it is played out. Sometimes we have to find more ways to laugh than to keep ways of making things worse.

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