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A thought just came to me concerning challenges…several thoughts actually. 

Sometimes we seem to feel we are challenged and in some cases we are put on the defensive because we may feel it was unjust, creating emotions built on anger.

There are times when stuff pops up when we least expect it and that could cause anxiety…which in turn will bring thoughts that are not quite clear because we don’t have the desire to deal with anything.

Then there are challenges that push us…make us work, think, have that feeling of accomplishment. 

So what are the underlying factors behind challenges? Are they tests? Do they come to consume ones very being? Are they meant to build?…or destroy. 

Challenges come in all facets through life. We cannot avoid them. One thing they can do at times… frustrate. But I believe in the long run, that builds character.

My vote goes to challenges being an integral part of life unavoidable….like it or not…and whether I like them or not, they teach me and I learn and from that comes growth.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

Whatr U Workin On?  


it has me too

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if i wander too far
will i find my way back?
what awaits around  the bend
will i be afraid to venture?
or excited to see

the obstructions that tend to slow me down
how will i find the proper way to handle
will it come easy
or do i search endlessly

the rules of the game are
there are no rules
doesn’t seem fair
life has the advantage

that means i have to work harder
work through the obstructions
it’s ok to be afraid
just make sure i move forward

i will search and i will find 
life has the advantage 
and it has me too


Change has been, is, and always will be a part of our existence. The world’s wonders of today have come from what was, and the time before that, and the time before that, and I believe you get the picture. Have we ever really sat back and comprehended what we have accomplished?…when you think about it, we have soured in such a short time over the past 30 years alone…we really don’t have to go back that far. The ever changing IT has brought us into an age that we dreamed about, and it’s really just getting started…..yeah, I think they’re just getting warmed up. 
Changes come in our lives also. Me?…I’m at a point I want to allow myself to explore more of my life. I have had life changing experiences that I will always hold near to me. They have been an integral part of my life and what I am today. I have been blessed with this creative mind and I don’t want to waste it. I want to know what other things that I can do.  I can’t limit myself to just this….that is the point in my life I have been in for the past, several years….I’m better than that. I know that my past experiences have taught me lessons…very hard ones…but I must move on. A new chapter awaits. I have been inspired in ways I never thought would come my way. Many times I found myself looking too much at the present, and not allowing myself to accept change. Change can be tough. It can be one of the hardest lessons we have on our plates, but it will come, and sometimes it will go….I may have missed opportunities, one after the other, simply because I chose not to accept change. It’s sort of like when I quit smoking. Back then, I didn’t have the option of patches and what not….it was cold turkey….but I was really tired of smoking and I wanted that out of my life. It was difficult but I was willing and ready to make that change. I feel like that is where I am right now. I have energy and my mind is active…..when that happens…look out!! 
I want to apply my creativity, and to see where that takes me. Life gives us so many chances at improvement. I want that. 

It’s About Time

Every now and them, it seems that time gets in the way of our day to day living. How you say? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. How often are we late for an appointment, or a meeting, a date. Well, we all know that happens more than we want. Let’s look into what may be the cause of it. The clocks tick away the seconds, minutes, and hours. The calendars give us the days, weeks, months and years. It is no surprise we are frantic about the time because we see it all the time, on our walls, our wrists, our cell phones, our cars, on buildings. I think the only time we don’t see the time at some point or other is when we sleep and what is the first thing we look for when we awake…yeah. We have surrounded ourselves with different time pieces to the point that we feel lost without them. We have to know what time it is. So how does time get in the way? Well, it’s always moving…it never stops for us…as much as we would like for time to gives us more of itself, it keeps moving on. If only I had more time to finish this project. If only I had more time to sleep. If only I had more time….
Our journey through this life is limited, but time continues to tick away. So because “time is getting away” from us…I’m quoting everyone here…it’s time’s fault we don’t have enough of it. Come on now, we know better than that. How often have we heard of the term “time management”? 
It’s about time we sat ourselves down and realize that not enough time is not the issue, but It’s About Time we realize that time management can help.
We’ll get around to it one day, because….we have time.

Running from/Run to

Sometimes our lives get to be complicated with the normal quirks of life….work, bills, kids, education, and so on. How we face these issues, whether collectively or separately, depends on each individual. I understand that we as human beings are limited in what we  are able to do.  We are limited because of  our finite existence. If our abilities were, shall we say, unlimited to the point where we are able to control or to even predict what will come into our lives and deal with them without anguish, despair, pain,….do we learn? Our lives would be a lot less complicated for sure, but the learning experience is nonexistent. It is imperative that we learn what life has to offer.  If we choose to run away from our opportunity to learn, we deprive ourselves from the experience of personal growth.  Which means we choose to run from the pressures and lessons of life, rather than run to the joy of learning and growing in life.

I Have an Idea

If you have been keeping up, or maybe just happen to see my first couple of posts, I said that I was going to have fun. Know what? That is exactly what I am doing, having fun. I’m finding that the more I experience in writing, the more I am learning about myself. For one thing, you cannot be afraid to go after your dreams. One of the worst feelings you will ever experience is the feeling of regret that you never even made an attempt to pursue your dreams. No, you will not succeed in fulfilling all those dreams. Am I telling you to go after every dream that comes into your mind?…..I would never do that….come on now, you gotta use some common sense here….are you with me? Alright. 
We ALL have something we’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it is too late for some of those things, but is there something similar? 
My mind goes to those who think they are incapable of completing tasks. This I say to you…you have defeated yourselves before you start. To this day, I still don’t know what it is that I can’t do. I have worked on car engines–back when you could–many times, replacing parts, but I have never torn one down and put it back together. Give me the tools, a manual and it’s gettin’ done! Grant it, it would take me longer than your typical mechanic, but it’s gettin’ done. So, does it take a driving personality to be able to want to accomplish dreams? What is YOUR make up, YOUR chemistry. Many times we look at what someone else has succeeded in doing, and if our attempt ends in failure, that is how we see our lives.
I have an idea…..let’s not do that anymore. Each and every one of us is capable of being successful at something. If you’re young enough, try many things, if not pick something you know you can finish…it’ll make you feel good anyway. 


Since the beginning of mankind, God has given to man, the ability to make decisions of his own free will. We use that ability everyday of our lives….some we cherish, some we question, some we regret, and some we wait for an answer. We make decisions so often throughout the day, many times it takes no thought at all to make a decision at any given moment. It has become HUMAN NATURE….do and react without giving a second thought…..but a decision is made none the less.
We also have other senses that tie into the various parts of the body and how a decision made, can cause this body of ours to react in many different ways. Rarely do we think about the make up of the human body and how nerve endings and blood vessels and bone, veins, skin tissue, hair, these and many more parts that I will not give the impression I am able to name. But there is one thing that is able to bring all of the senses together to cause dysfunction, loss of appetite, the body becomes frigid, we can become faint, the hair stands, the skin chills, the blood flow increases causing moisture to expel  from the pores of our skins, many different scenarios.
FEAR….the one emotion I believe has such a negative affect on the human body in mind, body, and spirit all in one swoosh. Think about it….this intricate system that makes up the human body. They have to be controlled by something…..yes the brain. Now, did God put man’s ability to decide for himself into his brain? No, the brain is a body part. FEAR does not exit in the brain, but in our consciousness and that is where God put our ability to decide. How many times do we make the wrong decision because we were afraid? Has it kept us from a promotion?, a raise?, an opportunity?. Does it stop us from even saying hello to a stranger. Don’t get me wrong, I know these times are getting more violent with each passing day….all the more reason to get this fear thing under control. We shouldn’t let fear get in the way of living life the way we would like. We shouldn’t huddle up into our own corners of the world. I’m not saying be stupid and try to be a hero somewhere or anything like that. We will always have to deal with fear of some sort throughout our lives, but we should NEVER, EVER, EVER let it be a CONTROLLING factor in our lives.
Having a life that you can honestly say you are happy with…isn’t that worth Workin On?

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