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Valentines Day

Valentines Day is next month and will be here before you know it. If you haven’t noticed the link to my CafePress store is gone from my sidebar and that is because I have closed it. 

I’m focusing my efforts now into my Etsy Shop which is now open. I currently have three items and working on another as of this moment but stopped so I could get this message out. I will do my best to keep you updated when new items are added. I will add a link to my Etsy Shop on the sidebar soon.

As mentioned earlier, Valentines Day is approaching and many of you are familiar with The Bottomless Heart I designed a couple of years ago. That is the first card in my shop for Valentines Day but can be given for other occasions as well such as anniversary, birthday or just because. 

I made some changes from the original design which are more simplistic. It still features the story line behind the design of the heart which is your expression of love and time shared together, with the one you love.

Here is a photo of the card’s front. Please visit my Etsy Shop to see the rest.



A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry 1

I recently came across this photograph by way of my Google+ stream courtesy of Anissa Mayhew  who shares a lot of nice pictures on her stream from other members.

I don’t know what it was about this photo but I was impelled to write a poem about it. 

To give you a heads up, this is the first of more to come in a series I’m calling: A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry

I’m not sure where I will find them or how often I will see a poem in a photo, but when I do, it will be included in the series.

I will say that I have spent some time on Daniel Plumer’s Google+ page and I have four poems from some of his photographs. This is the first and I will post the rest in the order that I viewed and wrote the poem for each one. 

What is, reflects of itself
Doubling of single, non-stealth
Rocky hard, branches sticking
Softly seen, yellow green lifting

I am who I am, am I?
Seen as such is, to eye
Same as is, unchanged two one
Crazy it is, when seen how it’s done

Photo by Daniel Plumer 

Poem by me

Back At It

I’m happy to report that I am back to working on past and future projects, and getting myself on a schedule that will work for me….not easy. Most of the graphic designing is done late evenings into the wee hours of the mornings, so my daytime is mostly frame work…cutting, glue, testing to see what works and making necessary changes.

A new project I have is another custom 8×8 shadow box clock. This is a digital clock design that should be done soon…the clock is currently in shipment to me. Once it’s here it won’t take long to finalize everything. As you can see in the picture below, the facial molding is being put in place. 

Once the moldings are in place and secure, I will cut the glass for the front of the clock. The frame won’t be painted until the glass is cut.

Yes, I cut glass too
I’ll be working on this and other frames I have in waiting. They will not all be clocks. 

If you remember, I had sold two 8×8 shadow box clocks but didn’t post any pictures because one was a gift item and I was waiting for permission to post the pictures trying not to spoil the surprise. But one of them was another Rise Above design.

Rise Above 8×8 Shadow Box Clock

The one on the right is the gift clock

I’m going to get an update on the status of the gift clock because I really would like for you to see it.

I’m also updating my website as I go along and will soon have clocks for sale and please don’t forget to visit my online store.

If you have any questions or comments…I’m all ears!

The Day Before

Tomorrow is the first day to get in on a 5×7  shadowbox MyQuesMark Designer Clock giveaway. You can’t enter here.

The giveaway is being held at  The Mahogany Way, my daughter’s blog. She has been my biggest supporter and I couldn’t see having this giveaway anywhere else. Of course I’ll be looking elsewhere for future giveaways.

This giveaway is limited to those living in the Continental United States and family members are not eligible to enter.

I hand make each clock along with the clock face design.

The clock for this giveaway is a 5×7 shadowbox, a $34.95 value. The winner of the giveaway gets to choose which clock face design they want.

So head on over to The Mahogany Way to get your shot at this clock tomorrow.

Yeah, We Have Snow…

Boy did we ever get snow. As of right now, I think they say our area will get about 11 inches. 

Everything has shut down or not open at all. Some stores are open. Charles ventured out to pick up a few things.  

Charles coming in after taking pictures

 This is a good day to stay inside and chill.

We have a lot of snow

So chill it is…

This was actually taken yesterday. Darcel and a hula hoop.

The rest are today’s chillin shots.

kiah, ava and uncle r with the wii. the girls have the pillows they got for Christmas

charles and samuel in the living room

darcel getting ready to cook dinner

and here we have mamaw taking a moment for the camera

Darcel got a new camera for Christmas and I’m sure she will be more than happy to get some good pictures for me. These were taken with my Sprint phone…not too shabby. 

That’s what we’re doing right now. I hope you are having as much a peaceful day as we are…this day after Christmas.

This Was A Good Day

I had the day off from work today and it was a semi lazy/getting things done kind of day. It was good day for me. I feel like I relaxed and I also feel as if I got some things done….I did both.

I’m feeling pretty good right about now….almost ready for work tomorrow. 

I watched The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I started last night and I finished after nine tonight. Between pausing, rewinding and rewinding and pausing yet again and again, I still missed parts. I’ll do it again sometime.

I’m putting the finishing touches into the giveaway. The announcement should be coming in the next fews days.

My daughter, Darcel from The Mahogany Way had her big day as a featured blog on SITS The Secret to Success is Support. Aside from not being able to respond to her comments right away, it all went well for her. 

It’s getting late and I need sleep. Back at it tomorrow…I’ll be ready.     

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