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Effervescent flavors wave, flush through senses
Toils tenderly, tantalizing endings of nerves touch
Flavors untold of many, generation from generations to beyond
From minds to visions reality
Saved not for self but given throughout
Flavors waves flush effervescently through senses, for generations

Time to Reflect

Today is Thanksgiving Day and many will visit or be visited by friends and family. It is a day that will be filled with laughter, catching up, and possibly some tears along the way.

Tables will be covered with food and drink. The aroma that is filling the air even now will fill the nostrils and tingle the senses of all. 

Many will be giving thanks for countless reasons that they feel are meaningful to them. Times of reflection will engulf the minds of those who are remembering where they were at a given point in time that brings them to this moment of giving thanks.

I know I had mentioned how much of a hard time I was having at work, but it is important that I stress the point that I am truly thankful that I have a job. I mean this wholeheartedly. A time when so many people are struggling this time of year to put a meal on the table. 

 I know what it’s like to be out of work and wondering where the next meal is coming from. After reading the beginning of a most recent post,  I wanted to change it because even I didn’t like what read.

This is my moment to reflect and to be thankful for what I have because I remember looking for work and not finding any.

Happy Thanksgiving To All. 

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