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First Beach Day 2011

Yesterday was my first day at the beach this year and it was a mixture for me even though I had a good time overall. 

Everyone had the day off except Charles…mine didn’t seem like a day off altogether, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that

It started out to be a cloudy day but slowly began to clear somewhat, becoming cloudy to partly cloudy. I heard that it rained at the oceanfront pretty heavy in the morning.

We didn’t see any rain at all even with the clouds. It was warm when we arrived and breezy! We had umbrellas and had to put them down not long after we set up.

The girls didn’t waste any time getting into the water…I cautiously stepped in and couldn’t believe how chilly it was as I watched them play.

Of course there was time for just chillin.

As I said before, it was cloudy all day. Darcel and I had noticed how this cloud looked as if it was reaching for this ship.

ooohhh nooo!!! it looks like that cloud is trying to get me!

it’s a good thing i’m equipped with my new retro
burning fuel stacked packaged excel when needed

so long cloud…cain’t touch this!

I guess the ship was too fast for the cloud….hmmmm, maybe the cloud was water logged.

It did look as if it might rain later on and it cooled off quite a bit. Even the sand lost its warmth. 

That’s about the time I began to lose interest, but we stayed and the clouds broke up releasing the sun’s warming rays.

Me and TheWife went to Wal Mart yesterday morning to pick up a few things and a grill was one them. Nothing fancy…plain new charcoal burning grill.
As I grilled, I also started this post. This is my new toy…again, nothing fancy. This is my new Dell Inspiron mini. It’s perfect for what I need right now and I can expand so to speak if necessary. I connected my Logitech wireless mouse with ease. If I ever want to work from a larger screen, no problem…I can connect my 21 inch flat panel effortlessly. It’s a good thing I got it when I did. After the storm we had the other day and no electric for a day, my pc won’t even turn on. I have a lot of files I need to retrieve from that hd.

Oh yes…I’m still #workinon my meme which will be starting shortly!! I’m excited about it and hope you will join me when it is launched.

The do’s and don’ts will be coming soon along with how to link in for those who have never done it before.

That’s all I have for now…Whatr U Workin On?




I’m still in the process of making the transition of my poetry to Reggie’s Thinking. I will be absent this week from the community….because of the change and also because I have to get a handle on my time management. 

Happily, the reasons why I’m having trouble add up to three.

Yes, these three grands are part of the reason for being away from this space at times. With the warm up in the weather, times outdoors is a must.

At first I was really stressing that I hadn’t posted in awhile or written a poem. Then I realize something I said in one of my earliest post….even I would have to search that one….but the point is this, if I lose focus of family and what my future is all about, these posts are all for nothing.

Staying focused….Whatr U Workin On?


These Bloomin’ Flowers

Spring is come upon us
Flowers come forth 
Erasing the harshness
Of a cold winter’s sting 

They are precious to me
No matter what they do
These, flowers of life
They are precious to me

Full of life and learning
Discovering their world
Beginning their journey
Their space in time

 This flower of life
Is my first grand
Tall at her age
Precious in my site

This flower of life
Is my second grand
Choosing this pose
Is precious in my site

This flower of life
Is my third grand
Hangin’ with the best
Is precious in my site

I am truly blessed
To have these,
Precious flowers
Full of energy

Bringing colorful laughter 
The pedals of innocence
The pollen of intelligence
The scent of love

I take times of moments
To pause and take thought
And give thanks
For these

My three grands
So precious in my site
I just love
These Bloomin’ Flowers

Part of My Sunday

Trying to get a handle on things…my life in general…can be an exhausting experience. I feel as if I am just beginning to come to a part of the road that is somewhat comfortable.

I can’t deny that I have been struggling within. The emotional strain had been almost unbearable. Trying to cope as the saying goes. 

There are things about my blog I miss that I need to get back into. Not having as much time on my hands that I used to is a problem but not the total reason for my absence of late. By my absence, I mean some of the things I miss blogging about. 

So one of my goals is to change that….and I’ll begin here…

I spent some time outside with the grandkids this afternoon, and tossed the ball around with Kiah for a few minutes. Then it was on to paint…

This is the beginning of a masterpiece…

Ava and Kiah

It didn’t take long for this to disappear…

This is only a shadow of what they can become.

I look forward to many more masterpieces like these to be created.

Darcel and Samuel




I know my kids have what it takes to succeed and I am proud of what they have accomplished thus far.

I am a believer in a bright future. Also knowing that hard work and discipline is a key. If I do that (discipline), I see a bright future. 


The Grandkids

here are some pictures i took of the grandkids earlier today

samuel loves the camera

samuel just chillin

he spots the camera

kiah, that’s right…i’m all that

here are the girls showing off their dresses

ava, are you going to take the picture?

Year End 2010

Another year is about to come to an end. So much has transpired this past year and some things will carry over into the new year.

The birth of my grandson…that was special.

I created and designed The Bottomless Heart, a project that will carry over into the new year.

My wife and my son have moved here to be with us…and they brought a foot of snow with them.

I really don’t want to do a year in review…just wanted to mention a few highlights.

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to stop by and read. Sure I could write without having one post read by anyone other than me, but you make it special.

Thank you so much

I’m looking for good things to happen in 2011…I hope you come along for the journey. 

I will be working more on my website, watching my grandchildren grow, starting new projects and fixing broke stuff.

So in the coming year, my question to you is…

Wishing all of you a safe and Happy New Year

Day 16

I am now into day 16 of my 30 day blog challenge.

I really don’t consider it a challenge anymore. 

Now it is a welcome addition. I can tell my life’s story in as many ways as I choose to express myself. 

It gives me the opportunity to express myself with the help of photographs from the internet…

Copyright 2010
Copyright 2010
 …or my own artwork and designs with the help of software.
Copyright 2010

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to put something together, but I can sit for hours at a time and bring different artwork together in a fashion I think will be pleasing in the eyes of the public.
Copyright 2010
Courtesy of Photobucket

Yes I do have setbacks that have a habit of taking the wind out of the sails.  

And as I continue to recover from my most recent setback… 

…I have a Heart that reminds me that there are times like this and that I can fix this.

Besides I am also reminded that I am not just doing this for me. There is a coming generation that will be facing hard times in this struggling economy. I’m trying to build a foundation for them to hopefully continue on…if not then a foundation for them to build on.

Happy Birthday Nakiah

Nakiah Jade Harmon

We’re getting ready for a birthday party for my granddaughter tomorrow. 

She will be 6 years old. 

Yes, that is her in her mom’s heels. Stylin’. She was clomping around the house in them a few days ago and mama got this pic. 

She is being unshooled at home and is coming along quite well. She adds and subtracts…in her head, and if I’m not mistaken I believe some division also.

She is always learning, asking questions…and getting answers. She loves the library. They all went the other day and brought home 20+ books…she could spend an eternity in one if you let her. 

She is always busy doing something. I think you will only see her unoccupied if she is sick. 

She even comes to PeePaw to play video games or Old Maid. She’s really skilled with the video games. They are helping her to develop as she matures. She’s developing her motor skills, there’s math, recognition and so much more. You won’t see her playing video games all day…she’s too smart for that.

If I had to do it all over with her again up to this point?… I would spend more time with her. 

To watch her learn, to see what I missed that brought her to a certain point in her life. These are precious moments and I hope I remember that. 

I Made It

My first day back to work since I started my blog challenge was yesterday and it was interesting. I’m not gonna talk about it. I have come to the understanding ….again….that the best way for me to deal with work is to be quiet. 

I have been so frustrated lately and the more I complained, the more I became, so you will really get the picture, enraged. So in order for me to keep my sanity, I must be quiet.

It was a warm November day yesterday in the 70’s, but today will be about 15 degrees cooler. I’m gonna miss yesterday. It could be worse, I could be in Minnesota 🙂 I do miss Minnessota. The area we were in was about 30 miles south of Minneapolis-St Paul. Burnsville. mmmmm. 

One thing that fascinated me about that area was the bicycles. Everybody had one and I mean everyone. Not only that, but they ride them all year long….at least some of them do. I’m talking freezing cold, snow, ice, it didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but day after day, as I drove to work I would see the same people bundled up real good and peddling their bikes.

Some were college students on their way to class, some were just going to work, and maybe some were taking a winter joy ride….brrrrr. I guess if you live in that environment for a period of time, you can get used to that.

Oh yeah, some of you may be wondering if I was in a good mood all day. Let’s just say that I was able to accomplish what I wanted and that was to get through the day. After all, it was the first day. I remember how I felt as I was driving home; allowing the work day to ease it’s way out of my mind and body. I began to relax and started thinking about what I would do when I got home. I had about a twenty minute ride home and it was later than usual so traffic wasn’t bad at all. It was thick in spots, but moving…key word. 

When I got home, I said hello to Ava. She was on the floor playing and then I noticed Samuel getting excited sitting on Darcel’s lap, but before getting Samuel, I turned to say hi to Nakiah who was on the couch watching TV. I don’t think she looked up. I like how Samuel gets excited to see me when I get home. Of course it’s not the same as when he spots Mommy or Daddy, but I’ll take what he’s giving me.

It’ll be nice when I get my own place, no doubt I will surely miss these moments.

Some Time Out

I have been blessed with another day to fulfill and I am thankful for that. What will I do with this day? I haven’t made any special plans to do anything. Some Sunday’s are a laundry day for me if I don’t get it done on Saturday. This weekend I was able to get one load done late yesterday. I’ll get the other load today.

It is a bright sunny day and I just opened the blinds to allow the vitamin D to shine on in. It will no doubt warm up a tad in here but not much because it is not a hot sun this time of year….at least not here in Virginia Beach. I like being in an area that I can go about without heavy gear on in November.

I went to the Zoo with Darcel and the grandkids yesterday. I don’t get out much and she invited me along…mostly because she knew I needed it. I had been venting some frustration to Darcel lately and I’m sure she figured I needed a change of some sort…even if only for a couple of hours. It did help and I enjoyed the time with them. It wasn’t crowded and I think that made it more enjoyable. 
Darcel took pictures and I keep forgetting I have a camera on my phone, so by the time I remember, we had passed all the large animals, but I did get a shot or two before leaving….how they got out of their environment remains to be told.

They weren’t wild so I guess it was ok.

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