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On This Day-Show Some Love

Who could resist?

Female tee


I Relish It

I take one look and I know for sure
The time is right for this will cure
The ailing moment knocking at my door

My next move is I wonder to fix it
How will I dress it 
This thing before me

Long wet and ready
It is hot and steamy
Too hot to handle with hands alone

How will I dress it
It is all before me
Ready and waiting

I spot it and reach
And make the application
I make my first move with closed eyes

My hands make the instinctive move
I open my mouth to receive this thing
And take the first bite

I say to myself
Yes oh yes
This will surely do

My hunger will be satisfied
With this hot dog from beginning to end
That is why I Relish It

this is my One Shot Wednesday post…hop on over to check out others


I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning. I woke up a few times during the night but that didn’t hamper my sleep any. I feel rested but not quite ready to take on the chore of getting ready for work.

I’ve been downstairs to get my coffee and the news is on. I’ve checked email and don’t plan to do any other activities on the PC this morning. Writing this post this morning is highly unusual for me. 

Although I haven’t been posting on a regular lately, I feel compelled to write one this morning….go figure.

Nothing fancy in this writing…maybe just had to do this for me because I haven’t posted in awhile. 

It’s really been hot and humid here with temperatures in the 90’s. There has been a breeze which helps tremendously. Those parking lots do hold a lot of heat and without the wind, it would be totally unbearable.

I’ll make sure to get more ice, water and something to munch on. I haven’t been eating much during the day due to the heat, but I know I can’t do fluids only. I try to keep a pack of lunch meat–turkey or chicken–along with crackers to keep me nourished. 

I want to write more but time is not on my side right now. So it’s time for me to rush and get ready. It is now 7:00 and I should be heading out in about a half an hour to the store. 

I hope all of you have a great day and may the blessing of God shower you.

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