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My Christmas Poem

The greatest gift given to me
Was the babe in a manger
For all the world to see

Herald as the coming Savior
For the sake of mankind
Because of his behavior

Such a gift to have received
   Year in and onward to beyond
For man has been deceived

To spend and spend
When all He did was exist
God in man was the blend

No flat screen TV
Nor a phone of droid
Did this gift come to be

No glitter of lights adorned
Save the guiding star shining
 To He who was born

That miracle happened but once
And has never stopped giving.
Love such love, the gift of sustenance

Time stands still for no man
Appreciation comes and settles
Sun rises and too the moon can

Matter not what I think or feel
But this award above you see
To me is really a big big deal

Thank you Poetry Palace for this award

My nomination goes to Bupinder Singh

I am linking this to Thursday Poets Rally 
over at The Poetry Palace 

Life’s Changes

Endurance is different for everyone, in many different situations spanning so many astounding lifestyles. Someone could look at my current goings on and say this is a cake walk. Then there is that one who looks and has understanding and wonder how hard it really can be….simply by the change in the flow of things on my blog.

Endurance plays a key role in how any given moment, be it short or long standing has affects on….gosh, where do I begin?….this can go as deep as the soul of a person or as shallow as a mosquito’s touch. 

For me I did endure, and I’m not out of the woods, but it was/is a real struggle this time around. I did learn a few things along the way and that is always a good thing….right?….of course it is. I’m in the process of learning how to adjust to the escalated stress level. Cutting out a few things from my daily work eating habits helped a lot. I was having an affair with sweet pastry….and it was very good, but nearly eliminating that portion of the day was very helpful. 

When you’re dealing with all aspects of life such as work, home, romance or the lack thereof, emotions strewn together like spaghetti except it seems there is no end. That makes for an emotional roller coaster equipped with all the “fun” surprises that help to make these rides even more exciting!

~~~a nice peaceful sigh~~~

Then there’s the moment I find out that it isn’t really my 200th blog post. What I do find out is that the drafts count as posts…..albeit not published, something I didn’t pay any attention to. In the same post where I proudly announced my 200th blog post, I also mentioned I was about to do something I thought was somewhat down the road. Well I guess it is still down the road because I was going to write a poem on a theme and for various reasons, that didn’t happen. 

So life does tick tick tick away filled with its surprises.

Still Workin On It

I haven’t forgotten about the meme or the other stuff I’m #workinon. It’s been a rough ride lately and really tough to get the wrench out of the gears.

My previous post was in draft and I had forgotten all about it. I had written it back on May 13th and thought I might tweak it a bit, but set it aside. That must have been the beginning of the funk. 

Finding a happy medium in a place that is filled with anything but happiness has been breathtaking…and not as in awe inspiring. It has been a struggle to break through the rut of what seems like, despair. I say despair because it seemed to be relentless. Usually I would find myself dealing with negatives, on a positive note. Noooo…not this time.

I’m angry with myself for allowing this to happen….this is not me. Sure there are times when we fall into doldrums, but I was getting dangerously close to not wanting to write anymore. It was as if I didn’t care…AND I KNOW THAT IS NOT ME!   

Going through my mind now, I see some of the things that has brought me to stagnant hood. 

Occupation-wise, I have been installing auto glass for 30+ years now….I’m tired. I like what I do….but I’m tired. One of the most rewarding part of my job that keeps me going are the customers we service. It is really gratifying to see the smiles and have a good talk at times while working. 

I think I’m burnt on my current occupation and deep inside, crave for change, something new. But we all know that these are tough times and jobs are hard to come by. Watching the evening news and saw that all those people will be out of work once this last shuttle mission is over.

Tough times…nuf said on that.

I bought a used bike this past Sunday. This will be beneficial in many ways. I don’t have to worry about gas. I get exercise. My mind will start functioning again. Can’t go wrong with any of that.

I’m still here and kickin’.

Whatr U Workin On?

Brush With Paint

I am truly blessed and honored to have won another award. I almost feel guilty for accepting awards for doing something I have fun doing and sharing.

I thank any and everyone for the nomination…my thanks to Jingle and all those at Thursday Poets Rally for making this possible. 

My nomination goes to Lolamouse for her piece: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp.

Below is the poem that won me this honor.

Brush With Paint

If I had a brush of paint

How would I paint the world?
What would the colors be?
What form would it take?

Change the sky?
No way, it is perfect
It changes on it’s own.

Green trees are everywhere
I change those to–
No wait, they also change,

The grass at times 
Is harshly brown, prickly
You know when,
…just before it changes 

To green, which is a nice
Color to gaze upon
In the heat and cool

Of the day
That has begun
With an abundance
Of activity.

My goodness,
The smallest of a 
Living creature

Has and is doing
An amazing feat,
Simply because of 
It’s size alone.

I have yet to use my
Brush with paint
To apply my 

The world is massively

Surely it could use my
Of a brush with paint,

But it changes
On it’s own
Without my help,
Without my brush with paint

This is my entry to Poets Rally Week 40…let’s journey on over…


Courtesy of Photobucket

have a good night everyone

Night And Day

As different as night and day. That’s how the saying goes. But I’d like to reference that in a different way, if I may. First, it is obvious that night and day do differ in so many ways. The daylight hours brings the activities that comes with getting things done. It’s a bright spot for many reasons. If the sun shines, we receive the warmth and the vitamin D. People generally speaking are in good moods, walking, jogging, basketball, tennis, you name it. We also have the business sector that rolls right along, business as usual for the most part. The day moves along and heads into the evening hours. After the dust settles from the commute home, the hustle and bustle is absent from this time of day due to the lack of –as much business– being done. Some have an after work jog, some grill, some take walks, and some just chill. But things do continue to operate and as we head even deeper into the nighttime hours, some activities are needed to run on a continual basis. Electric, water, gas, cable…can’t forget the cable guy…these require personnel. So, their “day” begins, even though it is night. While we settle in from our days’ works, they settle in for their night’s work….whatever it is they do to keep things rolling while we sleep, is their nights works. Now, it’s time for them to make their journey home….again, after the dust settles, they too will enjoy the sunshine, except it is a morning sun, not too hot. Some will also jog, walk, and yes, some will grill. After doing all of their after work activities, they too must sleep, and in some cases that sleep comes during the daylight hours. 
If we have worked these shifts over long years, our body clocks tells us what our nights and days are. 
So it’s the same, but different…or is it as different as Night and Day. 

Thoughts In Our Minds

Our minds are remarkable. Each mind different from the next, yet similar in many  ways. We think alike, yet we differ in opinion. Even many of our intricate thoughts and views are shared by many, without even acknowledging one to the other. Our minds are always busy thinking ahead and sometimes, behind. We are able to accomplish many things in our minds, long before they are a finished product we see with our eyes, touch with our hands. We multi task so effortlessly in our minds, it has become second nature. A thought can sometimes trigger emotions within us. We create new things, or simply improve the old from a thought. We see things with our minds and that gives us hope. A thought, or many thoughts, create an answer to a question, or perhaps an answer to a problem. When our ears hear music to our liking, it engulfs us into a state of euphoria…causing us to sway side to side, we dance, our heads bob back and forth in appreciation. 
We should be thankful for all that we are able to accomplish, simply because we have, Thoughts In Our Minds.  


If I were to never write a post after this one I resolve to find another way to share my thoughts. I say that to say this…it is very easy for us to become stagnant within ourselves. We could very easily find that we are really content with our lives. Our lives were never meant to become passive, without a desire to expand, to search, to learn. I’ve come to realize that I will never stop learning, and I think it’s so important that sharing is one of the most vital solutions we have in the expansion of our lives. I am so happy to have read, or heard or saw with my own eyes, things that someone else made available for me to learn from, whether it was by chance or planned is not important, what is important is the outcome. Many individuals have contributed to the expansion of my learning experiences throughout my life thus far, and I am so grateful to each and every one of them, many I can name and oh so many I have no clue as to what their names may be. I look forward to the many more opportunities that await me as I continue to learn. You see, they will come into my life because I have questions that need answers, or I have a problem that needs to be resolved, or maybe I just need to learn….something. They are the solutions to the many questions, problems, or just to learn something from. Oh, you thought they were just your family members, and fellow church members, co-workers, the neighbor, the friend, strangers….you’re not alone.


Since the beginning of mankind, God has given to man, the ability to make decisions of his own free will. We use that ability everyday of our lives….some we cherish, some we question, some we regret, and some we wait for an answer. We make decisions so often throughout the day, many times it takes no thought at all to make a decision at any given moment. It has become HUMAN NATURE….do and react without giving a second thought…..but a decision is made none the less.
We also have other senses that tie into the various parts of the body and how a decision made, can cause this body of ours to react in many different ways. Rarely do we think about the make up of the human body and how nerve endings and blood vessels and bone, veins, skin tissue, hair, these and many more parts that I will not give the impression I am able to name. But there is one thing that is able to bring all of the senses together to cause dysfunction, loss of appetite, the body becomes frigid, we can become faint, the hair stands, the skin chills, the blood flow increases causing moisture to expel  from the pores of our skins, many different scenarios.
FEAR….the one emotion I believe has such a negative affect on the human body in mind, body, and spirit all in one swoosh. Think about it….this intricate system that makes up the human body. They have to be controlled by something…..yes the brain. Now, did God put man’s ability to decide for himself into his brain? No, the brain is a body part. FEAR does not exit in the brain, but in our consciousness and that is where God put our ability to decide. How many times do we make the wrong decision because we were afraid? Has it kept us from a promotion?, a raise?, an opportunity?. Does it stop us from even saying hello to a stranger. Don’t get me wrong, I know these times are getting more violent with each passing day….all the more reason to get this fear thing under control. We shouldn’t let fear get in the way of living life the way we would like. We shouldn’t huddle up into our own corners of the world. I’m not saying be stupid and try to be a hero somewhere or anything like that. We will always have to deal with fear of some sort throughout our lives, but we should NEVER, EVER, EVER let it be a CONTROLLING factor in our lives.
Having a life that you can honestly say you are happy with…isn’t that worth Workin On?

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