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Does It Really Come Out?

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How many times have I heard that saying?… all comes out in the wash….and most important, how true is it? I’ve heard it and said it myself most recently. Of all the times I have heard or said it, I have never until this last time ever said this….I want to see that load when it comes out of the wash

Yes I would like to see if whatever it was that went into the load with the clothes actually gets washed away. It’s never anything good that needs to be eradicated, but only mistakes and problems that get the spotlight in this situation. 

Next question is who does this laundry and when does it get done. Thinking about this for a minute, I would have to say that maybe the laundry never gets washed because so many of the same mistakes and problems still exists. Either that or the detergent that goes into the wash is not effective enough to do the job. Maybe the water is too hard or too cold, or too big of a load and not enough water.

Of course we all know what I’m saying is nonsense…but it is something to think about…don’t ya think?

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My How Time Flies!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since my last post. Hmmmm….it takes me back to a time when I said I wouldn’t allow myself to have long lapses between posts….i guess I was wrong. 

I’m sort of mixed concerning how I feel about going so long without a post. Actually, I have a couple in draft that I probably won’t post…I was venting very heavily. I also wrote a poem…in draft…also venting. Doing that has helped me to deal with a few things. All of this happening while I was busy getting designs done and uploaded to my new online store, Designs by Reglandus

It is a lot of work coming up with designs and getting them on the site…more work than I originally thought it would be. But you know what?….I’m really lovin’ it. Sometimes I’ll spend hours tweaking a design and even after it’s uploaded I may make a change or two like I did with this one.



After uploading the first design, I noticed the text seemed to be too small and TheQuesMark was ok but I decided to “chain” it and as you can see, I wanted to add some oomph! I think moving the lower arrow to the front added depth to the entire design. I’m still currently replacing the old design with the new one on the website.

I also have freehand designs that I mess around with. Currently, the design at the top (below) is on the website in a different color and the one below that is also there in a different flavor.

I have several designs in different colors and other stuff that I have yet to upload. I could upload what I have so far and let it ride, but new ideas keep coming and I keep going at it.

As far as blogging goes, I’m making no promises but I have missed this….more than I realize. 

WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 4

Yes it’s that time again….Link-in with your project.

Looking Up From Here

I know I haven’t been steady and on time with the meme, but I am staying committed to making a run of this. I’m still clearing my plate of unwanted and unneeded this and that. 

I’m going to design a meme header…maybe that’s something I can do this rainy weekend. 

Speaking of designs…I’m definitely getting back into that and have a real good shot at getting my product line on the market. I’m still looking into the details, but all looks promising. I’ll be posting some items that will be on the website and I’ll be getting back into some giveaways. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve written poetry and with what I’m going to be doing, that just may get me back into it.

Reflecting back….I still know that I have a ways to go, but feeling the way I do now is a welcomed addition. 

Inspiration Comes From….

Inspiration can be found in and comes from the most unlikely places which makes them even more profoundly delectable. Moments in time which house inspiration are shelved countless times waiting for its eventful moment to be snatched once it finds itself again airborne….although some are fortunate enough to be taken straight from the shelves. 

When a song plays if the mood is right, the perfect thought will be caught in the mind of one who has homed in on that thought which has braved to be… to inspire, to be that drive….to do that which it has gone out to do…to help promote change. 

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When or where will your next inspirational moment come from….


Just Us?

It is hard not to imagine in all that exists, we are the only living intelligent forms of life…as we live ours, according to how we exist…surely there are others living theirs, according to their existence. 

In our finite minds
others do exist?
Surely?, we only
In this vast space?

It really doesn’t matter what our religious beliefs might be, how we worship God or whether we believe in Him or not. It matters not the years of study and speculation.

Only one form of intelligent life?….in all that we have not even begun to see?

What we cannot see
does it exist?
As far as our
Eyes have taken us

We have yet to see
The beginnings of
The stone has yet to touch water

I believe it is a good thing in what we have accomplished concerning our exploration into the existence of whatever is out there. But really…just us?


More of Me Post

I remember a time during my preteen years, After Mom And Dad moved all of us to Cleveland, OH. That was in ’65 so I guess it could have been into my very early teenage years even. 

Anyway, I’ve told you before how I’ve always like to make and build things. I can’t remember why, but for some reason I was into puppets at the time. Maybe it was something I was watching on TV. I would look for old material around the house and ask Mom if I could use it to make something. White material was ideal.

I would trace my hand on the material with the thumb in the widest position from my other fingers as possible (this was accomplished through trial and error). Then I would draw the shape for my pinky afterward. 

I would cut out the shape from the two pieces of material, get needle and thread, and sew them together. When I had finished with the stitching, I would squeeze my hand into the finished product which was now my hand puppet. Now it was ready for a face. Sometimes it was a face cut out from paper of a comic figure, glued on,  or a face drawn with magic marker. 

Then I would have my very own puppet shows. It was fun…something I put together with my own hands and creating my own silly dialog. It didn’t matter what anybody else thought, I knew that I was happy. The puppet thing didn’t last long, but the experience will always be with me.

Looking back, I can see the development of what is now something I have always had. A desire to imagine, and then to see my imagination come to life. It’s God’s gift to me.

The things I put together don’t have to be perfect, although if I chose to go that route I think I could make a living at it. I’m talking about a lot of things I have concocted over the years that have actually been useful….hmmmm….maybe later. 


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