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Naming Artwork

What do you do when you have an abundance of artwork and you want to name each piece. I haven’t done any research on the topic and I don’t really plan to, but I am curious as to whether out of all the artist out there, do they name each piece of art they produce.

For me, when I’m done with one, a name just pops into my head right away. Other times I may have a string of artwork that is in line as a category. In that scenario, I may start with letters or a phrase and add numbers at the end. I’m not sure if that is a logical approach but it surely simplifies the need for naming an abundance of works on the table.

As an example, I have some designs that are incorporated using isometrics. So I had the idea to use the first four letters of isometric.

ISOM 106h 1
ISOM 106i

I’m sure someone will look at these and a name could possibly come to mind and that’s fine and dandy, but when I was working on these on a daily basis ISOM was so easy.

Now the following piece, when finished did have a name come to me.


Why that name? Abstract was the first thing that popped when I looked at it and then I thought, nah too obvious, it needs something else. Abstractivido, yes.

I have plans for more of this type of design and naming them will be an event all its own.


Fear and Success

Image Credit
Image Credit

The Journey

Life is unpleasant though pleasant
The traveled roads are obscure
The hills and valleys beauty
Lend their purpose and fulfill

We tend to wonder at times
Traveling onward and on
Passively aggressive and mild
So tedious the brain is the mind

Push and shove duck and dodge
Make way and clear the roads
Though futile it seems
Moving that in the way

Thinking it done but finished not
Cause the roads clearing is naught
For now we dig and probe the things
That take the place of before

Hours work is evermore endless
As we journey through live
Nostrils filled with sweet stench
For the roads of life lingers on 

Poetry Picnic Week 24

Inspiration Comes From….

Inspiration can be found in and comes from the most unlikely places which makes them even more profoundly delectable. Moments in time which house inspiration are shelved countless times waiting for its eventful moment to be snatched once it finds itself again airborne….although some are fortunate enough to be taken straight from the shelves. 

When a song plays if the mood is right, the perfect thought will be caught in the mind of one who has homed in on that thought which has braved to be… to inspire, to be that drive….to do that which it has gone out to do…to help promote change. 

Photo by kk216
via Photobucket
Photo by findstuff22
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Photo by derekoliver1
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Photo by miss_botchway
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Photo by  jade95_2010
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When or where will your next inspirational moment come from….



A thought just came to me concerning challenges…several thoughts actually. 

Sometimes we seem to feel we are challenged and in some cases we are put on the defensive because we may feel it was unjust, creating emotions built on anger.

There are times when stuff pops up when we least expect it and that could cause anxiety…which in turn will bring thoughts that are not quite clear because we don’t have the desire to deal with anything.

Then there are challenges that push us…make us work, think, have that feeling of accomplishment. 

So what are the underlying factors behind challenges? Are they tests? Do they come to consume ones very being? Are they meant to build?…or destroy. 

Challenges come in all facets through life. We cannot avoid them. One thing they can do at times… frustrate. But I believe in the long run, that builds character.

My vote goes to challenges being an integral part of life unavoidable….like it or not…and whether I like them or not, they teach me and I learn and from that comes growth.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

Whatr U Workin On?  

WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 1


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don’t even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 

If you’ve never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That’s all there is to it…I’m looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you’re #workinon.

Here’s mine 

Getting Back In

At this point in my life, I have more distractions than I have had before. It’s not all bad, it just takes me away from some things I want and need to do. Yes there are some distractions that have taken their toll on me. 

It has been a long time since I have designed anything new, I haven’t been posting like I was, I’m sitting on projects…and it goes on. 

I haven’t been able to access my files on the pc yet and that is a real treat because I have pictures I need along with the files I’d like to re-acquire.

So I have been on a mission recently to get back in the game. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, complaining…blah, blah blah…yep, that was me. I’m done with that. It’s time for me to pick myself up and get going. I purchased a external hard drive to transfer the files from the pc. If the hard drive is truly dead, then I will have to start from scratch…well, almost from scratch. I do have a lot of my greeting card files and t-shirt designs saved but I need the main software.

I got the Netbook thinking I would also be using the pc. That went south shortly after I got the Netbook, so it’s not all bad because I can still do whatever except it doesn’t have a disc drive. I’ll purchase an enclosure and solve that problem.

I’m giving myself two weeks to make a decent dent in this turnaround. I figure if I put it out there, I’ll have to be accountable….and I want this.

Whatr U Workin On?       

Backyard Art

I have a few pictures I have taken the past few weeks I’d like to post. But this one I took late evening yesterday. 

I don’t know for sure who did this, but I’m guessing the Grands had a hand in it. 

The next one was done by DaddyCharles…there was more but in the preview it looked as if it wasn’t showing the letters at all so I didn’t take any more.

Capturing moments in this space in time will be enjoyed in awe in later years in their space in time.

Whatr U Workin On?


Still Workin On It

I haven’t forgotten about the meme or the other stuff I’m #workinon. It’s been a rough ride lately and really tough to get the wrench out of the gears.

My previous post was in draft and I had forgotten all about it. I had written it back on May 13th and thought I might tweak it a bit, but set it aside. That must have been the beginning of the funk. 

Finding a happy medium in a place that is filled with anything but happiness has been breathtaking…and not as in awe inspiring. It has been a struggle to break through the rut of what seems like, despair. I say despair because it seemed to be relentless. Usually I would find myself dealing with negatives, on a positive note. Noooo…not this time.

I’m angry with myself for allowing this to happen….this is not me. Sure there are times when we fall into doldrums, but I was getting dangerously close to not wanting to write anymore. It was as if I didn’t care…AND I KNOW THAT IS NOT ME!   

Going through my mind now, I see some of the things that has brought me to stagnant hood. 

Occupation-wise, I have been installing auto glass for 30+ years now….I’m tired. I like what I do….but I’m tired. One of the most rewarding part of my job that keeps me going are the customers we service. It is really gratifying to see the smiles and have a good talk at times while working. 

I think I’m burnt on my current occupation and deep inside, crave for change, something new. But we all know that these are tough times and jobs are hard to come by. Watching the evening news and saw that all those people will be out of work once this last shuttle mission is over.

Tough times…nuf said on that.

I bought a used bike this past Sunday. This will be beneficial in many ways. I don’t have to worry about gas. I get exercise. My mind will start functioning again. Can’t go wrong with any of that.

I’m still here and kickin’.

Whatr U Workin On?

During The Change

Here are some pics I took while moving things around in the room that is now no longer my man cave. 

The pink you see is not the color of my choice when
these pieces of furniture were purchased.

We bought these from a place that sold used hotel furniture. They had a brown that I preferred but settled on the pink for TheWife. 

A few items set aside waiting
for their new home.
This is a better shot of the 4 drawer dresser.
We’ve had these around for at least
20 years. They were in TheWife’s possesion
during the separation.

One thing I will say about these…they withstand the test of time.

At this point I thought I was finally
coming to the close of a long day…
…until this. This was a heart breaker. In my mind and
measurements, this should not have been a
problem…except I missed a measure or two….

Thoughts In Our Minds

Our minds are remarkable. Each mind different from the next, yet similar in many  ways. We think alike, yet we differ in opinion. Even many of our intricate thoughts and views are shared by many, without even acknowledging one to the other. Our minds are always busy thinking ahead and sometimes, behind. We are able to accomplish many things in our minds, long before they are a finished product we see with our eyes, touch with our hands. We multi task so effortlessly in our minds, it has become second nature. A thought can sometimes trigger emotions within us. We create new things, or simply improve the old from a thought. We see things with our minds and that gives us hope. A thought, or many thoughts, create an answer to a question, or perhaps an answer to a problem. When our ears hear music to our liking, it engulfs us into a state of euphoria…causing us to sway side to side, we dance, our heads bob back and forth in appreciation. 
We should be thankful for all that we are able to accomplish, simply because we have, Thoughts In Our Minds.  

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