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I Hear Stars

The moon hears the stars in the
Outers of space
Speaking, asking, wondering
Why it is so giving of itself

Humbled, the moon speaks and
Says, shouldn’t I not be free
To give? As my brilliance in light
Is freely given by one of your own?

Yes, but we watch in your travels
You are swiped and scooped
Until you are visible not
Until you come again…

The stars, wanting to know more
Await the moon’s return
And true to its form
Its presence is shone

They ask the question anew
Where is it you go?
Is it painful we ask?
When you go where you go

From the scoops upon 
Scoops upon scoops
time over time
As long as your birth

You do this, you give
You never complain
Not so much as an

Again the moon speaks,
It is no bother be assured
No harm is done
It is really my pleasure

You see, the people
Seem to like what transpires
Look forward to it they do
On this planet mostly blue

So as I partner with you
Closet star who gives light
I take what you give
So to shine big and bright

No reasons are needed
Explanations none too
It is but a small wonder
In this vastness of wonders

I will do this, and too will you
Until there is light no more.
Now, we have light
No worries, just wonders

This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday



The moon was rising
Above the rooftop
Rising above the trees

Its brilliance is hazily beautiful 
Even though someone

Has taken a scoop
From the moon again?
No worries…

The moon is gracious
It gives of itself
Until it is no more

But returns again
Bright in the sky
With it’s borrowed light

Ready to become full again
To give again
Then to leave, for a moment


This is my entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 42….let’s go see what else is there.

My thanks to
Vinay and Jingle

My nomination goes to

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