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My My…Another Move

I have decided…at the last minute…to transfer my domain, to WordPress.

Overall I think the switch will be better than I realize. This gives me a bit more flexibility with all that I have planned.

I will be updating the site over time and will also be introducing services I will have available locally…here in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area…and also online with my CafePress Store.

The WordPress blog Reggie’s Thinking, was primarily used for poetry which will redirect back to

That’s about it for now….by the way, I’ll have pic of the new place soon.

I Remembered

At the new place…more later.

An Example Continued

I know it has taken longer than originally planned, but I am finishing the de-clutter project post. The room has been finished for some time now although a little tweaking did take place along the way.

So now I have the before and after.

This is the same wall. I like
how the entertainment wall
is spread out. I moved some
paintings over as well. The new arrangement also brought the 
television to a proper viewing level.

 This is the window wall. The tower shelf which is where I had the pc and the dresser along with storage.

            This is the same shelf in the 
            top left picture, standing on 
            top of the night stands and
            and a good sturdy counter top.

  These are tucked nice and
  neat in the corner out of the
  way but accessible.



Here we have the final wall that is occupied with furniture of sorts. The photo on the left is where the dresser was that now holds the entertainment. The night stands were underneath the dresser. So I moved the tower shelf on that wall and it’s still home to the pc. The tall dresser finishes the wall rather neatly. Some items got boxed and put away. Now the key is to keep it looking somewhat decent.  

It’s not perfect and still tight, but for me, it’s definitely easier on the eyes.  

So that finishes the room project

The next few posts will lead up to the start of the WhatrUWorkinOn? meme. The rules which will more than likely consist of content not accepted. The day it will start and how long the link will be open. 

Of course I’ll still have my rants and thoughts and moments….

I’ll tell ya one thing….if you just happen to be in a spot that is well and fulfilled, cherish it.

When you come out of a spot that was less that user friendly, use it as a tool and not a crutch.

Be strong….Whatr U Workin On?

I Stand Corrected

I’m not sure how I made this mistake….I figure it’s a man thing with dates and all. 

It’s not much but I think that if we go public with things and a mistake is made, that it should be corrected. 

It has to do with the dresser I had mentioned and pictured in my room change post. I said that we had those for 20 years….talked to TheWife last night about it and she said it was only about 7 years.

Yeah…it’s gotta be about men and dates.

During The Change

Here are some pics I took while moving things around in the room that is now no longer my man cave. 

The pink you see is not the color of my choice when
these pieces of furniture were purchased.

We bought these from a place that sold used hotel furniture. They had a brown that I preferred but settled on the pink for TheWife. 

A few items set aside waiting
for their new home.
This is a better shot of the 4 drawer dresser.
We’ve had these around for at least
20 years. They were in TheWife’s possesion
during the separation.

One thing I will say about these…they withstand the test of time.

At this point I thought I was finally
coming to the close of a long day…
…until this. This was a heart breaker. In my mind and
measurements, this should not have been a
problem…except I missed a measure or two….

Change Has Come

I have made the decision to move my poetry to another blog that I’ve had for a couple of years at least…doing nothing with it.

The title on that blog is Reggie’s Thinking

This will get me back to concentrating on what this blog is all about. Once I get settled in a bit more with copying poems from here to there, I’m going to be adding a forum to my blog which I’m hoping will be helpful and fun for many many people.

It will be about the guts of what this blog title is.

Should you venture over to my other place, it is truly in it’s infancy. I’m in no hurry to get stuff copied but I did want to start using the other site as soon as possible for the start of the poetry posting. 

That’s it for now. I do have an award post I need to get done here and that will be done later today as I’m doing other stuff to get this done without a lot of hassle (hopefully).

I Made The Call

So I make the call after my post last night and I do small talk, checking to see if the packing is almost done and getting things finalized.

So now I want to see where she is as far as the two of us goes…I mean we will be in close proximities. I was really surprised by her answer.
She said she wanted to keep things as is. So no getting back together of any kind.   

Courtesy of Photobucket

Our living conditions will be split among us and our lives also. The move basically changes nothing for me as per my status. We will take care of some things we need to do first and then proceed with the divorce.There’s no hurry, I’ll let her settle in with the grandkids and find a job. I’m hoping for some bonding in a different way between the four of us…me, the wife, Darcel and Reg…it’s been awhile. 

So there will be a lot of catching up.

Me?…now I am assured of where I am in my life right now. 

Our grandchildren will see the both of us and we will grow and learn with them. 

It will be nice. 

I bet you can’t wait to see pictures…

Move In Special

Courtesy of Photobucket

I could do this if it has cable and internet.

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