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Change Has Come

I have made the decision to move my poetry to another blog that I’ve had for a couple of years at least…doing nothing with it.

The title on that blog is Reggie’s Thinking

This will get me back to concentrating on what this blog is all about. Once I get settled in a bit more with copying poems from here to there, I’m going to be adding a forum to my blog which I’m hoping will be helpful and fun for many many people.

It will be about the guts of what this blog title is.

Should you venture over to my other place, it is truly in it’s infancy. I’m in no hurry to get stuff copied but I did want to start using the other site as soon as possible for the start of the poetry posting. 

That’s it for now. I do have an award post I need to get done here and that will be done later today as I’m doing other stuff to get this done without a lot of hassle (hopefully).


I Hear Stars

The moon hears the stars in the
Outers of space
Speaking, asking, wondering
Why it is so giving of itself

Humbled, the moon speaks and
Says, shouldn’t I not be free
To give? As my brilliance in light
Is freely given by one of your own?

Yes, but we watch in your travels
You are swiped and scooped
Until you are visible not
Until you come again…

The stars, wanting to know more
Await the moon’s return
And true to its form
Its presence is shone

They ask the question anew
Where is it you go?
Is it painful we ask?
When you go where you go

From the scoops upon 
Scoops upon scoops
time over time
As long as your birth

You do this, you give
You never complain
Not so much as an

Again the moon speaks,
It is no bother be assured
No harm is done
It is really my pleasure

You see, the people
Seem to like what transpires
Look forward to it they do
On this planet mostly blue

So as I partner with you
Closet star who gives light
I take what you give
So to shine big and bright

No reasons are needed
Explanations none too
It is but a small wonder
In this vastness of wonders

I will do this, and too will you
Until there is light no more.
Now, we have light
No worries, just wonders

This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday


There are times when we take a look back to see where the paths have taken us, if decisions were made to enhance or disrupt the journey. 

Every now and again, I think back to some of the ideas I had that I knew would be just the thing to take me into entrepreneurship. 

Wishful thinking. That’s where I am at times. You know how it is…wishing you would have, could have, should have…still, I know some things didn’t happen for reasons and things did happen for reasons…and some lay in wait…for reasons.

So here’s to wishes….
below is my One Shot Wednesday entry…happy wishes everyone.


Wish as you will
Wish as you might

Believe in your wish
You have wished this night

Do not wait and look
Around every nook

Why wait to see
Where your wish may be

But journey onward
For you are already downward

You have to catch up
This wish left the cup 

It waits not for you
Will you know what to do?

One, Missing Pieces

Once in time past,
The heart did do the flutter.
It romanced the spirit of love.
That was once upon a time.

How does the heart remember,
It’s swirling in love
Beating the beat in rhythmic

The heart did dance
It’s joyous dance with delight.
For it knew once before
That feeling,

When all the pieces
Were in place to fulfillment,
Yes, when all the pieces
Were in place.

The reason, reasons 
The pieces no longer make an item

Where did it go?

The heart does not like
Nor accepts the fate
It finds itself.

The heart wants, no
Needs love to have
That feeling of completeness,
To make it a finished item.

It may take time, 
The heart is aware.
Flutter?… it longs for,
Dance?…it wants, to no end.


Wishing this could happen
In a snap, the heart  
Accepts facts…for now,
It is one, missing pieces. 

It’s One Shot Wednesday time….let’s head on over…

It’s Not A Stain

I have been hit
I have been plummeted
I have been bruised
But I still stand

Throughout my journey
As time passes by
I see the light
In the bright blue sky

I do not run
I do not fall
I stand and take hits
Through it all

If I fail along the way
It is not complete
But only one time
To say the least

There are many one times
And I wear them well 
It is my armour
This I can tell

Though it is heavy in weight
It does not way me down
With my head lifted high
I wear the armour with crown

For the battle rages on
The fight is relentless
If I don’t stand guard
I’ll be knocked senseless

My armour is strong
No need to be grim
Armour made from life’s trials
That were sent by Him


This one I had written on paper for about a week…unfinished. I couldn’t go to bed without saying goodnight to my friends at One Shot…I’ll be checking some of you out later…

Rain On Me

Rain on me, each and every way
Soak me with the nutrients
Of Life I pray

Hold me close, don’t let me go
For I may wander
I wish to stay with the flow

Rain on me o Life and stay
True to your giving
As I grow each day

Fertilize me with, the trials that come
They make me strong
In the all day sun

I need to learn, as the days go by
I may not succeed 
I at least will try

I am not perfect, no not in the least
But I am here
On your giving I feast

Rain on me o Life so true
I look to the sky
You are true blue

Like the twinkling star
Was meant to be
So am I, in life thus far

In the heat of the day
In the cool of the night
I am vibrant, with no decay

Rain on me, o Life you see
Rain on me
For it’s meant to be

This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday

What Is It?

Death is the non existence of this Life
The body that we have occupied
Has left this time in space
No longer used for occupancy

It is the time for mourning?
It is the time for relief?
It is the time we rejoice?
Is it the end of time?

Only for the time as we know
Or time as we have known
So are we in Death?
Or do we still exist

The body has lost it’s use
The body is no longer in need
The body has been laid down
Never to be again 

What of the Soul?
That has held hold
That has been in use
Of the body before

What of that Soul?

For time is eternal
Time never ceases
Time will always be
So what of the Soul?

Some say the Soul returns
And is reborn to Live again
Some say they see the Soul
As a Spirit that wanders

Are these of truth?
Do these exist?
In this time that is eternal
Who can say nay

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