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A Peaceful Calm

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With the change that is quickly rushing into my life, I find myself at peace, a calm. 

The only thing I’m dreading is the physical part of the move. I’m liking that less these days…must be an age thing.

I have been in touch with the wife and things are heading in this direction as planned. 

I think it is time for me to start a dialog with the wife. I believe it is important that we know what is going on concerning this move, because this is more than just a move; I’m aware of that and that may be why I’m at ease….not really sure.

Thus I deem it necessary to at least bring the subject into the air. We will have time to talk before I get there, and on the ride home. 

I will admit that I have short moments when I feel like this…
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But they pass…that’s just nervousness…and understandably so. We will not have been this close together in almost three years.

I have a lot of emotions and questions coming at me.
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I find my self dropping a lot of scenarios into many of the questions, and coming up with as many answers, if not more.

But still, I feel no pressure. 

We’ll see what happens in the coming days…I’ll keep you posted.    

I Like This

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It’s Comfortable

This was a busy weekend and fulfilling. A birthday and party which I will link to tomorrow. 

I thought I would have this post up long before now, but I was messing around with the pc. I opened it up and tried to get a couple of hard drives formated. But I think they are dead and useless. 

My DVD burner’s tray won’t open without the help of an inserted pin in the front of the burner. When I do insert a disc, according to my pc, no disc is in the tray. 

Now that I think about it, a lot of these components are considered old for pc standards. Some are over 5 years, some are older. I believe the newest items I have installed are my memory and my OS which are less that a year old.

This is not a good time for an upgrade although I have been thinking about it for a couple of years now. Some suggest I go with a Mac laptop. 

Whatever I decide, I will take my time and research. I do that when it comes to a purchase like this. 

I’ll make do with what I have for now; it’s gotten me this far, I’m sure it will take me farther….I know the pc repair guy.

I’m winding down this day and have some cleanup before I retire to bed. Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, ….but

I do hope the beginning of your week is pleasurable in some way,

Like Magic

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It is amazing how things seem to just fall into place. 

I noticed something today that brought me to the point where I gave in to my sanity.

I guess this has been an ongoing process that is finally coming to fruition. My emotional well being has taken a beating lately, but like magic it has taken a turn for the much better. 

It is always a good thing to be in good moods and have the feeling of peace.

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It is good for the mind, body and soul. It leaves a mark that glows with appreciation. I just couldn’t resist falling victim to the change that is now coming into my life. It is something that has been dearly missed and surely needed.

The end result can only be fulfilling. 

The darkness has been pierced with light. Light that shines the way to safety.

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Light that reveals which direction to go.

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Will I think about how long this may last? I’m sure I will. Will I worry about it. I don’t think so. 

This is a ride I want to take for as long as it is available…and I know that it is always available. It has always been there.

I know that situations happen that’ll take me out of my zones…or try to.

But what I see coming over the horizon looks promising.

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What In The World?

In my post yesterday, I wrote how I was having pc problems. Now I’m having a blog problem? Well not really a blog problem, but I did lose my signature. 

For those of you who have been reading my posts, I’m sure you remember seeing my blue signature at the end of each one. Notice something missing?

I think some unseen force is trying to bring me down! 

It’s not gonna work! I will not let these past couple of days get the best of me. I will however conquer whatever it is that is hanging over me right now. 

It is somewhat discouraging but not the end of the world.

Ladies don’t take offense to what I’m about to suggest. Maybe if I let my feminine side out and boo hoo and just get downright hysterical, I’ll be left alone. Naaaaa. That won’t work. 

The only thing I can say right now is…what in the world?

Reggie (It’s just not the same)

Simple Things

In today’s times of hustle and bustle, so many people miss out on the Simple Things in life. Who do we blame for this. Do we look at the technology that is supposed to streamline everything for us? Or do we look at how the technology is being used.  Let’s go back to the times when we were tied to our desks because we had to accomplish so many things on the……..yes the computer did bring us from the age of paper and pen, to the age of getting it done now. Thus the reason we sat at our desks for what seemed like ever. Of course with technology being what it is, continues to expand and help us to get it done now, allowing us to leave the desk in the office and take the office with us…..But….that same technology robs us from some of the Simple Things. Now I hope you don’t expect me to tell you what those Things are. We are amongst a population of so many different cultures, personalities and backgrounds, these Things are in the lives of each and every one and special to them only. Someone’s Thing might be teaching another the art of music when they least expect it, or hearing the sound of dry leaves running across the pavement on a windy day….you really should hear that when you get a chance, it’s really cool. Another could be just watching and learning, taking the time to listen, taking the time to hear, get the idea?
Have you ever really Heard the sound of the water brushing gently across the rocks? I have to admit that I have and I can still hear it today. I was in Florida working during the multiple hurricanes….whatever year that was….ok?  I found a spot after work on a beach. The water was sloshing against the rocks but in my ears, it was gentle. Loving the water anyway, I closed my eyes and focused on the sound of the water sloshing against the rocks. It was soooo peaceful….that moment……at that time was my Simple Thing. Of course I have piled up a great deal more Things since then.
These…Things, are moments that come and go. Some zip by so fast we thought it was just a cool breeze. Some hang around like a heavy cloud but we’re too busy getting it done.
Anyway, I think you get the picture. Technology will continue to improve to make our lives more streamlined, and we will miss out on a lot of time for Simple Things, but let’s grab as many as we can along the way, I’ll be Workin On that myself.

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