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A Vintage Collection

While working one day this summer, the owner of these vintage classics allowed me to photograph his collection.

1923 Ford Model T
Convertible 1 door
1937 Pontiac Coupe

Chevy BelAir

Chevy Camaro

I forgot the year and model of this one he was
currently #workinon

Mercedes Benz



Brush With Paint

I am truly blessed and honored to have won another award. I almost feel guilty for accepting awards for doing something I have fun doing and sharing.

I thank any and everyone for the nomination…my thanks to Jingle and all those at Thursday Poets Rally for making this possible. 

My nomination goes to Lolamouse for her piece: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp.

Below is the poem that won me this honor.

Brush With Paint

If I had a brush of paint

How would I paint the world?
What would the colors be?
What form would it take?

Change the sky?
No way, it is perfect
It changes on it’s own.

Green trees are everywhere
I change those to–
No wait, they also change,

The grass at times 
Is harshly brown, prickly
You know when,
…just before it changes 

To green, which is a nice
Color to gaze upon
In the heat and cool

Of the day
That has begun
With an abundance
Of activity.

My goodness,
The smallest of a 
Living creature

Has and is doing
An amazing feat,
Simply because of 
It’s size alone.

I have yet to use my
Brush with paint
To apply my 

The world is massively

Surely it could use my
Of a brush with paint,

But it changes
On it’s own
Without my help,
Without my brush with paint

This is my entry to Poets Rally Week 40…let’s journey on over…

The Grandkids

here are some pictures i took of the grandkids earlier today

samuel loves the camera

samuel just chillin

he spots the camera

kiah, that’s right…i’m all that

here are the girls showing off their dresses

ava, are you going to take the picture?

This Year Begins With

A new blog. My daughter and I have started a new blog titled Memories & Magic.

A picture a day. She hit me with the idea when I got home from work yesterday. I think it’s a great idea. 

The rules are:

  • 1 picture per post
  • All pictures have to be original
  • No more than a short to medium paragraph

We brainstormed a few names and Darcel came up with Memories and Magic…our first choice with these words was taken…what sold me was when she said…m n m.

We browsed through a few templates and she scrolled to the current one and we both simultaneously said we liked it. The setting is perfect. We both like the old rustic look of the floor and walls. The chair, lamp, the pictures on the wall…oh let’s not forget the old telephone hanging on the wall.

This gives us both a chance to express ourselves in photo art throughout the year…this is gonna be fun! 

I get to break it in, so hop on over and take a peek.    

I Like This

Courtesy of Photobucket

Samuel and PeePaw

When you are holding Samuel, he has a way of letting you know if he wants something by leaning in that direction, and I do mean leaning. He shifts his whole upper body in that direction to get his point across.

Darcel got the camera and Samuel spotted it. He either wanted the camera or his picture taken because he loves that, or he wanted both. He had to settle for the picture…ain’t he cute?

Good and Bad….but no Ugly

I really had no intention on waiting this long before my next post.  I’m trying to get caught up on the designs I lost during my PC crashes. I’m doing well in that area except I keep straying because I see more ideas to mess around with. 

I think I might have to delay the opening of my website. I see I’m not going to be ready. Working a full time job takes a lot out of the day, and when I get home, I’m mentally strained as well as physically. So I have to unwind and get “work” out of the way so I can get down to business. I also ordered a latest version of the PrintMaster software. It is Broderbund’s PrintMaster 2011 and I should have it soon. It’s more compatible with Windows 7. I’ve had this version (PrintMaster Gold 11)  for a number of years and although happy with it, ready for the upgrade.

I was toying with The Heart and wondered if I could do something I had been thinking about. This is the result I came up with last night. I have yet to print a copy, and I am currently in the process of taking care of that. 

When I get the printed results, I will share them with you.

New ideas keep popping into my head, but now I need to focus on the matter at hand. I can always come back to this end of it at anytime…..that is when I’m not “working”.  

The Good is that I’m still getting things caught up albeit slower than expected. The Bad…delay in website opening. Ugly? There’s nothing Ugly about these pictures. 

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