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Change Has Come

I have made the decision to move my poetry to another blog that I’ve had for a couple of years at least…doing nothing with it.

The title on that blog is Reggie’s Thinking

This will get me back to concentrating on what this blog is all about. Once I get settled in a bit more with copying poems from here to there, I’m going to be adding a forum to my blog which I’m hoping will be helpful and fun for many many people.

It will be about the guts of what this blog title is.

Should you venture over to my other place, it is truly in it’s infancy. I’m in no hurry to get stuff copied but I did want to start using the other site as soon as possible for the start of the poetry posting. 

That’s it for now. I do have an award post I need to get done here and that will be done later today as I’m doing other stuff to get this done without a lot of hassle (hopefully).


Artful Sounds

They are artist all
They who write, these
Words that sing, the
Facts of life

Poetry springs forth
With the sound of music
To the eyes that read
It is music to ones ears

Whether in joyfulness 
Or done in sadness
These words play music
To the eyes that read

They cease to grow old
No matter how old
The words were written ago
They play on still, they play

Bringing us to smiles,
Cause shedding of tears
They play on, in our ears
As the eyes read the words

We never forget,
At any given moment
Dancing in our minds
We hear the artful sounds

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck where the theme 
for this week is Muse, Art, Music and Poetry.

Sights And Sounds

Courtesy Google Images
It was a moonlit night
Cool was the breeze
Which moves leaves
In trees

Two layers of clouds
In the sky above
The lowest
Moving fast swiftly 

The sights and sounds
Of this night
Although I am here
Have taken me away

To my place of escape
From the mortar and brick
For a moment in mind
For a moment in time

These are a few of my favorite things

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck where the theme is
These are a few of my favorite things.

I Remember When

Copyright 2011
There was a time
In time’s past
Wishes were made
Dreams were dreamed

Young mind daydreaming
Dreams of what could be
Dreams of his future
Young visions seen

He is ambitious
Eager to start
Ready for anything
Wanting it all

Yet, know it all
Wondering if the world
Is ready for him

That’s what some say
Is how he answers…

Things have happened
Over the years
The journey has been
Turbulent, to say the least

I still see that young man
With all of his visions
Dreams of dreams
Still swimming in head

I still see his vigor
His want for it all
Now?, you say, Now?
Better now than never

That young man still lives
Though his body is weathered
The young man still lives
Because I remember when

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck 
where the theme is:
Photographs, Memories and Nostalgia… 


You approached me in the form of love
Your seduction paved the way
As my heart beat the beat of
Oh wow!

You proceed your seductive ways
Exploring my mind, asking all the right questions
As if on a hunt
But your beauty and glamorous ways
Made way to more

You maneuver your way to my senses
With the touch of your hand on mine
   You knew this would make me crazy
As you smile

I allow myself to relax and breath your scent
My heart racing
You find my lips
Kissing me with the tenderness of tender

It is all I imaged it would be
A kiss soft as the love that brought it
You captivate me
As I surrender 

The heat of the moment is true
And bare
You are all I ever wanted
And more

We wrap into one the other
Passionate in yet another kiss
I am lost in your expression of love
A moment suspended in this space of time

Your warmth against mine is 
More than I can bear
My heart pounds against my chest
As I explore your outward beauty

As I lay in wait for you
There is a sound that will not cease
Reaching to find the source
I realize, I have been awakened 

This is my Poetry Potluck entry where the theme is Lies, Deception, and Misrepresentation….come join us.

I Thought I Saw Light

I don’t know, where to begin
Seems all I can do is grin.
I had mentioned before
In another post for sure

How things were getting better.
But to my dismay, it is all a flutter.
On this road, thought to be a tunnel
I find myself, in the midst of a funnel.

Round and round I find myself going
It’s daylight now I see a big Boeing. 
I understand now why it’s been so,
Difficult times no matter where I go.

My oh my it’s been hurdles and hoops
This road has more, here come some loops.
This all makes me fragile and dizzy
 But I can’t stop now, I’m waaay to busy.

I take deep breaths and try not to sigh,
It’s comes out of my mouth, so I just try
To continue my journey and see the light
From deep within this funnel, yes that’s right

This funnel I thought was a road for travel
Nowhere near smooth, it’s rough as gravel.
Trying to keep me confused, and fully at bay
It’s just another obstacle, that gets in the way.

But have no fear for I am still here
Getting this wrench, unstuck from my gear 
With a twist and pull and also a tug
Free it comes, and my shoulders I shrug

The sky is dark now, but I see a light
From inside this funnel, I hope it gets bright
As I make my way out, I will still try–
Oh crap it’s not a light, it’s just a firefly! 


I’ve been in different moods lately with so many things going on. This came to mind while I was working and finished for Poetry Potluck….it’s not on theme but wanted to be here. 

I Wonder

As I sit here
As I wonder
My mind is clear
Not put asunder

I wish to write
I want to say
The world is bright
In the light of day

They are all before me
They are all a flurry 
Life’s beings be
All in a hurry

Busy here and busy there
Doing the deeds of life
Some without a care
And filled with strife

It really does matter
What goes on they say
Do you hear the clatter?
The hustle of the day?

When it’s all said and done
The sun begins to settle
It is my hope, we all had fun
And we did not mettle

In the affairs of others
As they made their journey
Maybe helping one another
This day we were free

This is my submission to Poetry Potluck Monday

I Have Traveled Far

I have traveled far to this
This place that is filled with
The Stench, 
Of what the Thing has done

Throughout time and space
For all that we know
Not caring what 
Results of its deeds

I try to escape the path
So many before had not 
Don’t know how long it’ll last
This luck that holds me
Thus far

I duck and I dodge 
I run here and there
I fire and miss
But sometimes I hit

It is only one Beast
A fierce one for sure
With a hunger for 
Life, to fuel its own

Need, to survive in this 
Place, this place far 
Away, that is filled
With the stench of Death

Image courtesy of Google Images

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