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It’s Getting Interesting

First we have an earthquake and now we’re in the path of a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour, gusting to 140. Some areas have mandatory evacuation while at the moment, some have voluntary evac. 

This is a huge storm and unless we can get west of Richmond, we may as well sit tight. Watching the updates, they say that it could come farther inland and really make things nasty.

I bet the store shelves are gonna empty pretty fast….no sooner I say that, I get a pic on TV of a store shelve emptied of its goods.

I hope we don’t lose electricity. I can deal with the wind and rain.

I’m scheduled to work Saturday but that may change. Well, one more day and the fun begins.


Rain On Me

Rain on me, each and every way
Soak me with the nutrients
Of Life I pray

Hold me close, don’t let me go
For I may wander
I wish to stay with the flow

Rain on me o Life and stay
True to your giving
As I grow each day

Fertilize me with, the trials that come
They make me strong
In the all day sun

I need to learn, as the days go by
I may not succeed 
I at least will try

I am not perfect, no not in the least
But I am here
On your giving I feast

Rain on me o Life so true
I look to the sky
You are true blue

Like the twinkling star
Was meant to be
So am I, in life thus far

In the heat of the day
In the cool of the night
I am vibrant, with no decay

Rain on me, o Life you see
Rain on me
For it’s meant to be

This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday

Rain? Water?

Rain and water, one and the same, a liquid, yet we treat each differently. Water is our everyday substance that we cannot do without. We use it in all sorts of commodities, drinks, hair products, bathing products, we use it to wash our clothes, to clean our floors, wash our hands, our cars, we play in it to no end at the beaches and the water parks, we love it so much we have pools in our back yards. We cannot do without water when it comes to the necessities of life and to enjoy in our recreations. We freeze it to accommodate us during the hot summer months, cold drinks, frosty flavored drinks….we welcome this liquid.
Rain for some odd reason is treated totally the opposite, even though it is water. It rains and doom and gloom befalls us. Please let us not wake up to the sound of rain falling. Oh yeah, the start to a great day. Instead of joyfully frolicking through the rain, we run as if it’s going to melt the skin away from us, exposing our flesh…..we can’t have that….so we run, not wanting the rain, uh water, to get us any wetter than what we have already become. Here’s one, you get caught in a downpour without your umbrella….on you’re way to work….upon arrival, for some reason, you get all kinds of —oh my gosh, just look at you dripping water all over the place, you need to do something about that. to the, awwww…, get out of that wet jacket, here’s a towel— look. Isn’t it the same liquid we encounter in our everyday life? Sure we receive in a different way…..I mean it is falling from the clouds up above us, which I guess is compounding the situation somehow. Let’s see, we have cloudy skies which seem to put us in a foul mood anyway, coupled with rain, falling from the those clouds, causing the mood from the clouds to be heightened even more….yeah, that’s about it. But the fact still remains that it is the same liquid we enjoy at the beach, in our backyards and at the the water parks….but we won’t wash our clothes, nor will we wash our dishes in it. We won’t use it to brush our teeth or to bathe…..but it’s the same, a liquid……rain/water.  So there should be no reason for us to be in bad moods when it rains……except that…..the sun isn’t shining when it’s raining water…. *sigh*

Darcel, this is dedicated you sweetie, love you

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