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I have traveled the outer of space

I have seen the thoughts of my mind

I have marveled that which has come

I have been saddened by what is missed


Time has stopped for moments it seems

Time has ticked the clock

Time waits for none, this truth

Time envelopes me to bondage


The waters rush to waves pounding

The waters cleanse to refreshing

The waters trickle to dripping motion

The waters still to lifelessness


Journey to travel for mind’s sake

Journey to want in need

Journey to accomplish for goals

Journey on, most of all, journey on 


It’s Been Quiet Here, But…

….I can also say that I have been busy, I may be doing tooo many things at one time but I know all I have to do is find that rhythm that will make this work. Ideas are coming from all directions and I have been capturing some of them in art and in writing. I have been using all hand tools due to the loss of the power tools I had acquired over the years, building for this present moment and time in my life….I remember spur of the moment purchases I made, such as a stand alone router table that I never used, bought new. I bought a heavy duty table top drill press at a pawn shop while I was driving by and decided to stop in. Let’s see…I had a hand held router, a good medium to heavy range dual grinder,  a descent 7″ hand held power saw, a jig saw, oh did I mention my compound miter saw that was just getting its groove on? Not to mention various other hand tools and what I can’t remember I had.

(nice and slow exhale)

I’m working a part time job and I hope this will allow me to gain more resources (I desperately need at least 1 essential power tool right now) to accommodate my present needs and then to, rebuild from there.

I have scribbles on paper that are filled with things for me to look at or put into play….you know how it is, sometimes a second look is not as enticing as the first. I have a potential order for another custom design Shadowbox Clock that will be a gift for someone. I’ll start that project right away.

I’m #workinon getting myself a workshop or working space….that will take some time.

I’ve said it before…things really aren’t as bad as I think they are at times….but, am I too hard on myself?….


Just When You Think

I haven’t really felt focused lately and feeling a little disconnected or dismantled. It’s like the pieces are all there but then I realize it’s a puzzle and I have to put them into place….instead of things falling into place. Out of frustration, I wasn’t seeing things that were right in front of me….but then, that’s how a puzzle works. I was starting to get down on myself pretty hard as in feeling sorry, nothing’s getting done.

Then out of the blue, I get three likes on a post I had published….actually the previous post. There was fstopfun, Dawn’s Stalker, and iGameMom. I really appreciated that they let me know they liked what I had designed….I needed that. Little did I know that was the beginning of things I really needed. I stumbled upon a post by way of StumbleUpon and it was really intriguing…an eye opener if you will. It helped me to reconnect with me, and from there I went over here where Getting Things Done was helpful even though I’m not a tech geek, I was able to identify with a lot of that because of the geek in my personality.

Things aren’t really as bad as I think they are….I think I’ve been having trouble just being me. Now I have to get and stay focused, work the puzzle and put things into place….and see the progress along the way. And the next time stuff happens….I’ll say again…

…..and keep  #workinon that puzzle.

Setbacks Happen

It’s to be expected to have times of setbacks but when they do happen, knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. I haven’t been able to finish out  my recent projects but the good news is that I am currently working on a custom 8 x 8 shadow box clock for a lady. The clock face is finished and it will be my first LED Display.
Sorry, I can’t show the design yet.

…by the way, I haven’t been feeling on my energetic side lately but this is getting better. I hope to begin work on my projects again and I’m getting new ideas as usual.

I’ll be in touch!!

So What Do Ya Think?

I’ve been #workinon this for a couple of weeks…kinda had it on the back burner and decided it’s time to unleash it. I originally had the background green but decided on blue and I like the look of the theme in blue also. I’ll be #workinon more backgrounds as I go along.  I like being busy the way I am now…I can work on several projects and drop what doesn’t need to be on the burner at all…at least for a little while.

I’m about ready to start the custom clock I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I have a busy day tomorrow so I think I’ll call it a night.

Giveaway Starts Today!

Today is the first day to enter for the MyQuesMark Designer Clock giveaway. It is being held at The Mahogany Way, my daughter’s blog.

All the details are there, so hop on over to enter!

Good luck!!

I Sold My First Clock

Everyone has a niche. I like doing so many things, it’s difficult at times to stay forward on any particular avenue. I find myself at times….as I’ve said before….trying to do too many things at one time. The only thing that gets me is disorganization, so it is important that I get a handle on this now; especially since I do believe I have settled into a groove that is I believe is my niche.

I like to write, I like to write poetry, I love to create designs with my Serif DrawPlus X5 software….I’m really in my infancy using this software, learning new things all the time. I like putting stuff together….measuring, cutting, drilling. I can never shake that feeling that this is where I’m supposed to be….doing what I love to do, working my passion. But I do know there are so many different types of artwork out there it’s hard to get noticed. As I continued to search for that one thing that really settles in on ya….I came up with a way to utilize all of the major things I love to do, all in one. I like to be unique in some way, either in my artwork or with some thing I have in my mind to put together as a clock or some other piece. The ideas I have for clocks right now are nothing really fancy, but different enough to bring that hmmmm….

What I am offering may not be any different than anything else out there, but it is unique.

I did a post on the origin of MyQuesMark. I’ll have to dig that up again so you can see the different changes that have come along….I should do that soon…..


I started this clock with MyQuesMark on a blank page…no background. Once I found the color combination I liked I started to write…..

Sometimes the words come to me easily, as this one did. Adding my Bottomless Heart design gave me the direction I wanted to go with this poem. After the poem was written it was time for the clock……

The colorization of MyQuesMark usually sets the tone for the overall color of the total clock design….but not always…..the background is almost always next to the last thing to do.

My signature is included along with the date stamp. The date on the clock represents when the design was completed on ‘paper’. I thought it would be nice for people to know when the clock they purchase was first ‘born’.

Here are pictures of a prototype I put together to see what it would look like.

This will be in MyQuesMark series of clocks titled ~Love In Time~ named after the poem.

The early edition of my clocks are a bit rough but will improve. Saying that I will follow up with this….I make each clock one by one. They will not be perfect, but will be well made, sturdy and strong. I take pride in my work and what you are about to see is my very first shadowbox. If you like the homemade rustic look with a touch of elegance, you will love my clocks.

The clock above is one of three art designs I took to my old job at Safelite Autoglass to see what kind of feedback I could conjure up. They were very well received by everyone I had a chance to talk to. Before leaving, I had two orders in my pocket….I wasn’t expecting that but I was delighted!

Brian, who works in the warehouse was the first to put his order in. The designs I had with me were not a good fit for Brian so I asked him what he wanted and he said for me to surprise him….as long as it had the Pittsburgh Steelers colors. I had just finished a new design the day before I thought he would get a kick out of. This one didn’t come with a poem, but a touch of humor….I added the colors he wanted and this is what turned up.

This the artwork before printing…

The pictures I took don’t do justice to the actual printout.

Moments after it comes alive….

Here it is on the wall

My shadow boxes are designed so the clock kit fits deep enough to allow the flush fit of the clock against the wall….notice any imperfections?….

I delivered the clock to Brian this morning…..

Here is Brian proudly holding his MyQuesMark Lookin’ At Clock.
Thanks Brian!!

I can’t forget my other order….the following is a prototype of the artwork that order belongs to. Theresia will be the first recipient of the final design for the 8 x 8 she wants and that will be available. Brian opted for the 5 x 7.  The design of the clock Theresia chose is originally in 8.5 x 11 so I had to make adjustments to accommodate the difference in size.  No one sees the finished product on that one until it ‘comes alive’.

This is actually the second draft of the design.

This one had the pleasure of occupying the frame as  a clock when I went to my old job. I chose arrows to symbolize direction…not as a weapon.

This is the first draft of the design.

This is really getting jump started before I was ready because I really haven’t launched yet, but how could I turn down such an opportunity.

I would like to get more feedback on the clock designs from you…my readers. I will be posting pictures on my Facebook page and your input would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to keep up with my progress….and giveaways….and what new designs are on the table, you should subscribe to my posts. I’m not just doing clocks….


Some times in life, regeneration is a must. It is impossible to stay on an upswing no matter how energetic we are, no matter how much positive thinking/books we read. It doesn’t matter if we feel as if nothing can go wrong when everything continues to go right.

There is only 1 source of continual energy….and He has given us built in switches to let us know when we need regeneration….no matter how much energy we thing can muster up.

Just a thought.

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