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A Gifted Talent Given

Let the talent of the talent shine

Brightly as gifted it was given, absolute

Astounding, the beauty of the gifted talent

How bright the talent?…matters not

Resting it aside for still of time, wasted

For it is not the one to give the talent light

But true to the giving, it is His light shining

Once the talent is motioned thru space of time

Wonder not the beauty to the eye

Savor in His gift, the talent given to shine


Off The Cuff

Hey!…did I tell ya how much I like my new template? I’m sure you’ve seen it around, it took me awhile to change because I liked the lighthouse on the other template, but I was limited with what I could edit so it was time for a new look. 

I’ll probably mess around with the fonts and see what may catch my eye.

What else…I had something but turned to catch the news for a minute and blew the thought away…don’t you hate when that happens?

So now I’m sitting here trying to remember and making it worse….don’t you hate when THAT happens?

OK…I’m done with that one. 

I’m off this weekend and not sure what I’m gonna be doing other than catching up and finishing up and opening new doors. I’m starting to have fun again….I remember!…I was gonna say it has been too long since I had done a post on TheGrands, so be looking for that soon….they keep me young.

Well I’m getting tired and I’m gonna just start to babble…by the way…

thanks for stopping in


Sometimes my steps take me into specific directions. I know where I’m going, what I want to do, what I need to get done, how it should be done and when to do it.

Then there are times when the steps I want to take are not easy ones to maneuver. 

Copyright 2010

They seem to be coming from all directions, and some are sharp and have to be dealt with cautiously. 

Some of the steps I have to take throw me off and make me feel uneasy.

I also feel as if I’m being pulled and swayed in all directions. It feels confusing.

But I managed to get through those times and continued on with what needed to be done in life.

I can’t forget the times when I felt as if I was going in opposite directions.

Copyright 2010
Those were draining me of energy because it took a lot of effort to stay focused.

Where I am now is much better and manageable. Things can turn at any given moment but right now the flow is one I can handle.

Copyright 2010
Because now I know where I’m headed.


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