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Fear and Success

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What Is The Right Thing To Do?

Our internet service went down last night and was restored a couple of hours ago. After the restoration, I really noticed how much email I had accumulated and decided to clean house. While going through my two major accounts it came very clear to me how different things are for me right now. One of the accounts showed me how much I had strayed away from poetry and the online friends I was beginning to become acquainted with. Not only that but a couple of blogs I was reading on a regular basis.

As I continued through the old mail, the dates brought to mind what I had already remembered long before starting this venture. The 1 year anniversary of my oldest brother’s passing. I called my mom and talked to her for awhile and that made me remember even more how much I miss him. It was good to hear my mom’s voice…still strong in my ear….realizing how much I miss her too.

Events in life never stop…they keep coming. How they affect us and how we choose to deal with them rest solely on our individual shoulders. Deleting those old emails did bring back memories but they also triggered a need….no….a desire to restore what I miss about me. Even though you may not have heard from me as much as before, I have not been idle. Changes have been taking place and the journey continues.

Eliminating that which hinders us sometimes may not seem the right thing to do in the eyes of others, but others don’t have to live our lives. Remembering is not always a good thing, but forgetting can sometimes be the wrong thing to do. How we handle these rest solely on our individual shoulders.

Time doesn’t stop, events continue to happen and changes do take their place. We must also take our spot and do what is right for us…even if others may think it foolish…they do not live our lives…and we don’t live theirs. 

Making decisions are all a part of the journey and they have to be made…good or bad, right or wrong. 

Remembering 9/11

The 10th Anniversary of September 11th is this coming Sunday. I want to dedicate this to the men and women who lost and sacrificed their lives on that fateful day. To the families who lost those dear to them, the friends who also suffered loss…never to hear that laugh or see that smile. To a country brought to disbelief and anger. 

On that day, September 11, 2001 I was working and the manager called me on the radio and said that a plane just flew into one of the Twin Towers at The World Trade Center. I remember asking him in disbelief what it was he had said and he repeated…a plane (American Airlines Flight 11) just flew into one of the Twin Towers in New York. I asked him was it a big plane or a little plane? He said that he didn’t know…he would guess that it was a small commuter plane. I thought to myself, yeah who would fly a jetliner into a building on purpose. 

I go back to work and he calls me back and said a second plane (United Airlines Flight 175) flew into the other Tower.

I was in total shock because now I know this is not an accident. So I turned on the radio and they are broadcasting the unfolding events. I remember them saying they don’t know if more planes were involved. By the time the third plane had struck the Pentagon, I was driving and I said out loud…what in the world is going on? 

The radio reports didn’t give me vision and I so badly wanted to see what I was hearing so much about. I don’t remember what time I finally got home but the first thing I did was turn on the TV. I switched channels until settling on CNN. 

The reason I chose this picture is because of this:

While watching the broadcast, the camera was zoomed in on the Twin Towers and I was glued to the screen. The broadcasters had stated before showing the clip that it would be graphic….out of nowhere, as if flying over my head into view was the second plane to strike. It was as if I was sitting in the plane myself when the plane struck its target. I was absolutely horrified by what I just saw. It was at that moment it all seemed to hit home for me. It was an incredible sight…not as in awesome, but as in the devastation that was taking place on our homeland…here in America.
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Image Courtesy of Photobucket
My heart was heavy for the victims and bitterly angry toward those responsible.

Image Courtesy of Google Images
I thought the sight of the second Tower being hit was enough to make me sick, but when the Towers came down…. 

Image Courtesy of Photobucket

The Pentagon where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed.

Image Courtesy of Photobucket
And those of United Airlines Flight 93 and their heroic deed
which brought them to Shanksville, PA.

September 11, 2001

A day never to forget. 

Life’s Changes

Endurance is different for everyone, in many different situations spanning so many astounding lifestyles. Someone could look at my current goings on and say this is a cake walk. Then there is that one who looks and has understanding and wonder how hard it really can be….simply by the change in the flow of things on my blog.

Endurance plays a key role in how any given moment, be it short or long standing has affects on….gosh, where do I begin?….this can go as deep as the soul of a person or as shallow as a mosquito’s touch. 

For me I did endure, and I’m not out of the woods, but it was/is a real struggle this time around. I did learn a few things along the way and that is always a good thing….right?….of course it is. I’m in the process of learning how to adjust to the escalated stress level. Cutting out a few things from my daily work eating habits helped a lot. I was having an affair with sweet pastry….and it was very good, but nearly eliminating that portion of the day was very helpful. 

When you’re dealing with all aspects of life such as work, home, romance or the lack thereof, emotions strewn together like spaghetti except it seems there is no end. That makes for an emotional roller coaster equipped with all the “fun” surprises that help to make these rides even more exciting!

~~~a nice peaceful sigh~~~

Then there’s the moment I find out that it isn’t really my 200th blog post. What I do find out is that the drafts count as posts…..albeit not published, something I didn’t pay any attention to. In the same post where I proudly announced my 200th blog post, I also mentioned I was about to do something I thought was somewhat down the road. Well I guess it is still down the road because I was going to write a poem on a theme and for various reasons, that didn’t happen. 

So life does tick tick tick away filled with its surprises.

An Example Continued

I know it has taken longer than originally planned, but I am finishing the de-clutter project post. The room has been finished for some time now although a little tweaking did take place along the way.

So now I have the before and after.

This is the same wall. I like
how the entertainment wall
is spread out. I moved some
paintings over as well. The new arrangement also brought the 
television to a proper viewing level.

 This is the window wall. The tower shelf which is where I had the pc and the dresser along with storage.

            This is the same shelf in the 
            top left picture, standing on 
            top of the night stands and
            and a good sturdy counter top.

  These are tucked nice and
  neat in the corner out of the
  way but accessible.



Here we have the final wall that is occupied with furniture of sorts. The photo on the left is where the dresser was that now holds the entertainment. The night stands were underneath the dresser. So I moved the tower shelf on that wall and it’s still home to the pc. The tall dresser finishes the wall rather neatly. Some items got boxed and put away. Now the key is to keep it looking somewhat decent.  

It’s not perfect and still tight, but for me, it’s definitely easier on the eyes.  

So that finishes the room project

The next few posts will lead up to the start of the WhatrUWorkinOn? meme. The rules which will more than likely consist of content not accepted. The day it will start and how long the link will be open. 

Of course I’ll still have my rants and thoughts and moments….

I’ll tell ya one thing….if you just happen to be in a spot that is well and fulfilled, cherish it.

When you come out of a spot that was less that user friendly, use it as a tool and not a crutch.

Be strong….Whatr U Workin On?

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