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Rain Storms

A popup rain storm is one that is not predicted by the weather personnel. When the conditions are right, they just appear. The lightning strikes, the thunder, the high winds and of course the rain.

Yes storms can do damage that can be costly, but they can also be beneficial. Breaking lose dead tree branches, clearing the air of pollen and pollution. 

When the storm is over and the damages are assessed, it can’t be denied that everything looks cleaner, refreshing and you can smell it in the air. 

I guess it can be said that storms in our lives serve the same purpose even if we don’t see it that way. It is not pleasant to be caught in a rain storm without shelter of any kind and the same can be said for the storms that develop in our lives. But how can anyone deny that once our life storm passes, we feel refreshed and stronger….triumphant. 

Do I welcome or seek these storms into my life?….no way! But I cannot deny that it is a good feeling when all is said and done. 

Life’s Changes

Endurance is different for everyone, in many different situations spanning so many astounding lifestyles. Someone could look at my current goings on and say this is a cake walk. Then there is that one who looks and has understanding and wonder how hard it really can be….simply by the change in the flow of things on my blog.

Endurance plays a key role in how any given moment, be it short or long standing has affects on….gosh, where do I begin?….this can go as deep as the soul of a person or as shallow as a mosquito’s touch. 

For me I did endure, and I’m not out of the woods, but it was/is a real struggle this time around. I did learn a few things along the way and that is always a good thing….right?….of course it is. I’m in the process of learning how to adjust to the escalated stress level. Cutting out a few things from my daily work eating habits helped a lot. I was having an affair with sweet pastry….and it was very good, but nearly eliminating that portion of the day was very helpful. 

When you’re dealing with all aspects of life such as work, home, romance or the lack thereof, emotions strewn together like spaghetti except it seems there is no end. That makes for an emotional roller coaster equipped with all the “fun” surprises that help to make these rides even more exciting!

~~~a nice peaceful sigh~~~

Then there’s the moment I find out that it isn’t really my 200th blog post. What I do find out is that the drafts count as posts…..albeit not published, something I didn’t pay any attention to. In the same post where I proudly announced my 200th blog post, I also mentioned I was about to do something I thought was somewhat down the road. Well I guess it is still down the road because I was going to write a poem on a theme and for various reasons, that didn’t happen. 

So life does tick tick tick away filled with its surprises.

Now We Wait

Tomorrow morning hurricane Irene will have hit land in North Carolina and then proceed onward over the Chesapeake Bay and head north toward the rest of the east coast, leaving behind her path of destruction. Work has been cancelled for Saturday but they plan to open on Sunday.

I stopped at the store after work to get a few more things like paper products and more water and batteries and some snacks.

Now it’s a matter of waiting…seems strange to have this much time on my hands and don’t seem to know what to do with it. I have been socializing with family and friends on Facebook while working on this post…I got a few goods laughs out of that. I’ve forgotten how easy it is and how rewarding it can be to say a few words among family and friends….I’m always too busy to take time to relax, and breath…saying that, it reminds me of something I said in one of my very early posts; losing sight of what this is really about…remembering that there is life and not to lose sight of that. That includes socializing, meeting new friends, staying active. 

I have found that I have become complacent once I get home from work. My motivation has diminished because I feel so drained and extinguished. 

I am starting to feel better and have some drive working in my favor. This hurricane may have an affect on my blog challenge…we’ll see how that goes. I feel a calm as the storm approaches and I believe that is due to the locals who have lived here for years…yes there is a lot of stocking up going on but that is being smart, but there is a sense of no panic among the neighbors and I believe that carries over. I was talking to a neighbor earlier this evening and she wanted to know if we were staying. As far as we can tell, everyone is staying in our area….we have no evac notice.

DaddyCharles and MahoganyMama did take the kids to his family’s place in Newport News. They were going to stay but it was a last minute decision to go.

I guess I’ll get off here and play a game or two before bed.

Stay safe locals.


Sometimes my steps take me into specific directions. I know where I’m going, what I want to do, what I need to get done, how it should be done and when to do it.

Then there are times when the steps I want to take are not easy ones to maneuver. 

Copyright 2010

They seem to be coming from all directions, and some are sharp and have to be dealt with cautiously. 

Some of the steps I have to take throw me off and make me feel uneasy.

I also feel as if I’m being pulled and swayed in all directions. It feels confusing.

But I managed to get through those times and continued on with what needed to be done in life.

I can’t forget the times when I felt as if I was going in opposite directions.

Copyright 2010
Those were draining me of energy because it took a lot of effort to stay focused.

Where I am now is much better and manageable. Things can turn at any given moment but right now the flow is one I can handle.

Copyright 2010
Because now I know where I’m headed.


Football and No Work

OK…it’s Thursday night. First game of the 2010 Football season. The Saints lead the Vikings 7 – 3. No, I’m not going to give a play by play or keep you updated on the score. Anyway, by the time most of you read this, you will already know the outcome of the game.

My thing is this. Why am I feeling guilty? When I got home from work yesterday, I didn’t do anything. Today, the same. Deep down I feel I should be doing something. At the same time I feel as if I deserve a rest….everyone does right?

I have deadlines to meet and I know if I keep this up, I will fall further behind. I do realize the stress is building and I must stay focused. I also realize that I am human and if I push too hard, that could make things worse. Is there a happy medium? 

Of course there is. One thing I need to do is to step back and look at the big picture, and in this picture I see a lot of red because the red is in my eyes. I did work late today and was really tired when I got home. What do I do? Stay the course. Tonight, I rest again and remove the guilt. I know I will get back to where I need to be and to focus on what is at hand. If I had sat myself down to work on my designs, I wouldn’t have accomplished much because my mind is tired….I know this. 

I almost sound as if I’m having a self pity party. Not so. I have a job that is stressful, demanding, and tiring (is that a word?). It really does take a lot out of me at times….it’s real…I can’t get away from it…not yet.

Pity?…no. Whine?…maybe. Whatever it is, there ya have it. 

Tomorrow, it’s back to business. Right now?…Saints lead the Vikings, 14 – 9. The Vikings missed the extra point.

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