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It’s About Time

Every now and them, it seems that time gets in the way of our day to day living. How you say? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. How often are we late for an appointment, or a meeting, a date. Well, we all know that happens more than we want. Let’s look into what may be the cause of it. The clocks tick away the seconds, minutes, and hours. The calendars give us the days, weeks, months and years. It is no surprise we are frantic about the time because we see it all the time, on our walls, our wrists, our cell phones, our cars, on buildings. I think the only time we don’t see the time at some point or other is when we sleep and what is the first thing we look for when we awake…yeah. We have surrounded ourselves with different time pieces to the point that we feel lost without them. We have to know what time it is. So how does time get in the way? Well, it’s always moving…it never stops for us…as much as we would like for time to gives us more of itself, it keeps moving on. If only I had more time to finish this project. If only I had more time to sleep. If only I had more time….
Our journey through this life is limited, but time continues to tick away. So because “time is getting away” from us…I’m quoting everyone here…it’s time’s fault we don’t have enough of it. Come on now, we know better than that. How often have we heard of the term “time management”? 
It’s about time we sat ourselves down and realize that not enough time is not the issue, but It’s About Time we realize that time management can help.
We’ll get around to it one day, because….we have time.


I Have an Idea

If you have been keeping up, or maybe just happen to see my first couple of posts, I said that I was going to have fun. Know what? That is exactly what I am doing, having fun. I’m finding that the more I experience in writing, the more I am learning about myself. For one thing, you cannot be afraid to go after your dreams. One of the worst feelings you will ever experience is the feeling of regret that you never even made an attempt to pursue your dreams. No, you will not succeed in fulfilling all those dreams. Am I telling you to go after every dream that comes into your mind?…..I would never do that….come on now, you gotta use some common sense here….are you with me? Alright. 
We ALL have something we’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it is too late for some of those things, but is there something similar? 
My mind goes to those who think they are incapable of completing tasks. This I say to you…you have defeated yourselves before you start. To this day, I still don’t know what it is that I can’t do. I have worked on car engines–back when you could–many times, replacing parts, but I have never torn one down and put it back together. Give me the tools, a manual and it’s gettin’ done! Grant it, it would take me longer than your typical mechanic, but it’s gettin’ done. So, does it take a driving personality to be able to want to accomplish dreams? What is YOUR make up, YOUR chemistry. Many times we look at what someone else has succeeded in doing, and if our attempt ends in failure, that is how we see our lives.
I have an idea…..let’s not do that anymore. Each and every one of us is capable of being successful at something. If you’re young enough, try many things, if not pick something you know you can finish…it’ll make you feel good anyway. 

Simple Things

In today’s times of hustle and bustle, so many people miss out on the Simple Things in life. Who do we blame for this. Do we look at the technology that is supposed to streamline everything for us? Or do we look at how the technology is being used.  Let’s go back to the times when we were tied to our desks because we had to accomplish so many things on the……..yes the computer did bring us from the age of paper and pen, to the age of getting it done now. Thus the reason we sat at our desks for what seemed like ever. Of course with technology being what it is, continues to expand and help us to get it done now, allowing us to leave the desk in the office and take the office with us…..But….that same technology robs us from some of the Simple Things. Now I hope you don’t expect me to tell you what those Things are. We are amongst a population of so many different cultures, personalities and backgrounds, these Things are in the lives of each and every one and special to them only. Someone’s Thing might be teaching another the art of music when they least expect it, or hearing the sound of dry leaves running across the pavement on a windy day….you really should hear that when you get a chance, it’s really cool. Another could be just watching and learning, taking the time to listen, taking the time to hear, get the idea?
Have you ever really Heard the sound of the water brushing gently across the rocks? I have to admit that I have and I can still hear it today. I was in Florida working during the multiple hurricanes….whatever year that was….ok?  I found a spot after work on a beach. The water was sloshing against the rocks but in my ears, it was gentle. Loving the water anyway, I closed my eyes and focused on the sound of the water sloshing against the rocks. It was soooo peaceful….that moment……at that time was my Simple Thing. Of course I have piled up a great deal more Things since then.
These…Things, are moments that come and go. Some zip by so fast we thought it was just a cool breeze. Some hang around like a heavy cloud but we’re too busy getting it done.
Anyway, I think you get the picture. Technology will continue to improve to make our lives more streamlined, and we will miss out on a lot of time for Simple Things, but let’s grab as many as we can along the way, I’ll be Workin On that myself.

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