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Let Me Explain

I’m gonna try to get this done before midnight but if I don’t get it all done, I’ll finish later. 

Today is the 35th wedding anniversary for TheWife and I. If you are a friend on Facebook and you commented on my post, this may give you a better understanding about some of my replies. 

I wish I had time to link but if I do, I won’t get this finished so I apologize for that. Some of you know that me and TheWife were separated for three years and in December of 2010 she and my son moved here to be with us so they could grow with the kids. 

If you read my posts over this past weekend, you may have noticed I made a couple of comments concerning no action between me and TheWife. Details of that will come later also but for now, let me say that I thought things would be different once we got back together but I was totally wrong. She hasn’t changed.

On my Facebook page I had mentioned how it was our anniversary and that I hadn’t said anything to her, knowing she too had remembered (because she doesn’t forget things like that) and I wondered if I was being a butt for not saying anything. I received a few comments on that post and I’m sure those who did comment have no idea (maybe save 1 or 2) why I have chosen to take that path. It’s not really complicated but could be construed as confusing. Again, if I go into detail right now I won’t get this done before midnight and I want this posted tonight.

OK, so this is where I stop for now….I know it’s not much but it’s the beginning…..stay tuned. 

Oh Yeah…

I forgot to mention in my previous post (that should have been published Sunday night but I fell asleep on it) that I changed my blog template…in case you hadn’t noticed. 

I like the new look. I changed the font color on the title, description and dates. Slightly narrowed the sidebar and added a new comment box from Intense Debate….at least that is what I’m hoping when this one posts. 


TheWife had to work today. She has gotten back into crochet and will have something for sale soon….no I can’t show pictures until it’s finished. She has four different patterns she likes to use and also does the square pattern. She loves doing baby afghans…those will be wool…the sizes will vary. I don’t want to give it all away yet. 

Just a couple of things to mention….

…….how is everyone’s Labor Day?  

First Beach Day 2011

Yesterday was my first day at the beach this year and it was a mixture for me even though I had a good time overall. 

Everyone had the day off except Charles…mine didn’t seem like a day off altogether, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that

It started out to be a cloudy day but slowly began to clear somewhat, becoming cloudy to partly cloudy. I heard that it rained at the oceanfront pretty heavy in the morning.

We didn’t see any rain at all even with the clouds. It was warm when we arrived and breezy! We had umbrellas and had to put them down not long after we set up.

The girls didn’t waste any time getting into the water…I cautiously stepped in and couldn’t believe how chilly it was as I watched them play.

Of course there was time for just chillin.

As I said before, it was cloudy all day. Darcel and I had noticed how this cloud looked as if it was reaching for this ship.

ooohhh nooo!!! it looks like that cloud is trying to get me!

it’s a good thing i’m equipped with my new retro
burning fuel stacked packaged excel when needed

so long cloud…cain’t touch this!

I guess the ship was too fast for the cloud….hmmmm, maybe the cloud was water logged.

It did look as if it might rain later on and it cooled off quite a bit. Even the sand lost its warmth. 

That’s about the time I began to lose interest, but we stayed and the clouds broke up releasing the sun’s warming rays.

Me and TheWife went to Wal Mart yesterday morning to pick up a few things and a grill was one them. Nothing fancy…plain new charcoal burning grill.
As I grilled, I also started this post. This is my new toy…again, nothing fancy. This is my new Dell Inspiron mini. It’s perfect for what I need right now and I can expand so to speak if necessary. I connected my Logitech wireless mouse with ease. If I ever want to work from a larger screen, no problem…I can connect my 21 inch flat panel effortlessly. It’s a good thing I got it when I did. After the storm we had the other day and no electric for a day, my pc won’t even turn on. I have a lot of files I need to retrieve from that hd.

Oh yes…I’m still #workinon my meme which will be starting shortly!! I’m excited about it and hope you will join me when it is launched.

The do’s and don’ts will be coming soon along with how to link in for those who have never done it before.

That’s all I have for now…Whatr U Workin On?


Memories Unforgotten

TheWife was telling me how she was feeding the seagulls before work. We had a couple of bananas that were going bad and she knew right away what she wanted to do with them. 

This was a couple mornings ago, she had just fed one of the bananas to some seagulls and she mentioned how they all started calling for their buddies…yeah, she made the sound…funny. A little girl had walked over with her dad close by, and TheWife gave the little girl the other banana to feed the seagulls. The sky and ground became vast with seagulls to the delight of the little girl when all that was heard from her was wwwwoooooooowwwwww…..her eyes bright as stars….as her dad was capturing this moment.

TheWife helped to create a memory that little girl will always remember.    

More Good News

Many of you know that TheWife and I had been separated for three years…now back together. She and my son Reg, have been looking for work. Well, TheWife has found success and is now employed. 

She had an interview two weeks ago, went in for a pee test and background check the next day, then waited. I actually had that on my mind yesterday and wondered when she might get a call. TheWife did mention that she was told they would be hiring during the month of April. To our surprise and thankfulness, she got the call Thursday. 

Today is her first day. I asked her how she felt last night and I think she’s mixed, but understandably so. She’s in a different line of work she was accustomed to for the past five years..give or take. Different state and city to boot. She’s been out of work for three months…you how that can become comfortable for some. But I believe once she gets this day done, it’ll be old hat.

I’m sure she’ll come home with lots to say. Shouldn’t be long now…in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy more of my time off and also make an attempt to get other things done.   

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