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I Found Myself In Thought

I finally got around to making it comfortable to work outside. The shade and the breeze are soothing. TheWife was off Wednesday and ‘reminded me’ that it would be a good idea to put the umbrella up. We have a dining room table that’s been around since we’ve been married….well after we got our first apartment…..anyway, I digress ; the only thing I had to do was to drill the hole and set the umbrella. We had chairs but the table is the only thing that  survived, but these will do for now. 

Now I’m outside and I realized my thoughts spanned several years of my life. A couple of days ago I was thinking of “the thought that kept driving me to do better than where I am” at any given moment in my life, that is what I want to do. Strive to do better, even when others see it as just someone else with a dream. The driving force in this particular thought stems from my tenure as an Autoglass Technician. When I first got into installing, it was a new adventure…learning, hands on, making decisions, getting things done under, at times almost impossible circumstances. Sure there were lots of times when a call was necessary but for the most part it was if I was my own company.

So over the years I made manager and this was a whole new ballgame. I felt as if I was fed to the wolves. I was a ‘working manager’ and many aspects of the job were never taught…yeah you know, on the managing end. Of course I was to ‘pick up on this part’ in between installs. It was almost a torturous number of years. So when that didn’t work, I was offered a tech job….that’s pretty much what they all do when you don’t work out as a manager….unless you really screwed up bad. 

Besides my drive to want a better life for myself and my family, I scoped the ranks of the technician pool and I didn’t want to be one of those who has toiled and labored for years on end and then retire as a tech. I saw the battered bodies and frustrated minds….but I kept listening to the promise of opportunity…even with another company….and there too, the years of labor taking its toll on the seniors of the tech pool….realizing, if I stayed the course, I would be one of them. 

I’m no better than any of them, but I finally chose to pull myself away from that table, and let the plate fall to its breaking….while I still have the drive and desire to fulfill accomplishments. 

Now I turn my attention to other tables to see what feasts or spoils await.     


As I Tweeted Earlier Today

Some of you already know that I replaced the oxygen sensor on my van earlier today. At first I didn’t think I would get the old one out. A piece of cake is what I thought, especially since the van was driven which would heat the part enough….so I thought. Even with vise grips it would not budge. I almost gave up because I didn’t want to damage the old sensor in case I couldn’t get it out. So I go old school and apply heat directly to the connection with a propane tank….put the grips back on it, gave it a twist, and bingo! I just started thanking God right away because He gave me all that I needed to get it loose….patience and time to think it through without getting flustered. Image
After the new one was in place, I didn’t wait to start it up…I wanted to see if it was going to be any different during starting and idling. So I fire it up and it didn’t start right away, but it didn’t drag either. I could tell right away….seconds after it was running, that it had made a difference. It idled quietly, but when I placed it into drive it was rough, as if nothing had changed.
So I take it out for a spin. Once I hit the road and accelerate, it had more power. It didn’t drag during acceleration and I was really happy about that. I decide to take it on the interstate and on the entrance ramp it had more get up and go. I was able to change lanes faster. Now I’ll have to be careful not to drive it like a race car or I won’t be saving any fuel still. We’ll see what happens this week.
Oh yeah…I also bought a grease gun and lubed the front end today…that made a big difference too.
Yeah…some of you know about that too. 
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One More Please

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Does It Really Come Out?

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How many times have I heard that saying?… all comes out in the wash….and most important, how true is it? I’ve heard it and said it myself most recently. Of all the times I have heard or said it, I have never until this last time ever said this….I want to see that load when it comes out of the wash

Yes I would like to see if whatever it was that went into the load with the clothes actually gets washed away. It’s never anything good that needs to be eradicated, but only mistakes and problems that get the spotlight in this situation. 

Next question is who does this laundry and when does it get done. Thinking about this for a minute, I would have to say that maybe the laundry never gets washed because so many of the same mistakes and problems still exists. Either that or the detergent that goes into the wash is not effective enough to do the job. Maybe the water is too hard or too cold, or too big of a load and not enough water.

Of course we all know what I’m saying is nonsense…but it is something to think about…don’t ya think?

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No Title

I’m not sure where this one is headed but I’m throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks. 

Yesterday I was feeling awful…just bad awful. I thought I was gonna puke but that never happened, so I had to deal with the other end. I was actually feeling fine early on, I had some fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls and not long after that it was all down hill. Those things stayed on my stomach for hours….churning, not digesting. All I could do was lay down and sleep. I had crackers and ginger ale later in the afternoon…I had all of two crackers.

As the evening wore on, I was feeling a little better but still unable to eat anything of substance. I was due back at work today and I could tell that I wasn’t going to be 100 percent but I got through with crackers and ginger ale. By 2:00 I could tell the end was about there. I stopped on the way home to get chicken noodle soup to start the system slowly…along with crackers and ginger ale. 

See?…told ya. I don’t have much. 

Hey, take a look at one of my latest designs. Don’t laugh at my house, I drew it myself.

Yes, it’s on the website but I’m think I’m going to take the background away for the t-shirts. If you hop over there you’ll see what I mean.

On The Bright Side

Positive thinking is a good thing to do. It has many benefits that outweigh the feeling of failure should things go south against what you would expect…or at least hoped for. 

It gives the mind something extra to work on that promotes a focus on not being despondent, or fall into a depressed state, anxiety, remorse, let’s not forget anger….and the list goes on…get my point? 

A bit of a kick is exactly what is needed for me to keep from becoming a basket case in my own mind. Sure, I’m dealing with a lot right now, but I’m aware that I will have my moments as time continues, and I also know that I need to be me for me. 

I have to fight for me, I am in a battle I can’t afford to lose. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I want to run from the emotional feeling that comes with the loss of a loved one. I am fully aware and willing to let these emotions surface in order for me to deal with my brother’s absence…that’s part of life, as painful as it is. 

I do feel overwhelmed right now. I feel as if I’m being pulled in directions that are waiting to be found. There are other issues that I am currently facing on top of what I already have going on. All the more reason to fight the fight. 

I will mourn and I will heal. I will fight because I am worth fighting for. This is about me…it’s about my journey. I have goals to reach, I have goals I won’t reach but I will have at least made an attempt. I have ideas waiting to be dreamed up and ideas waiting to become reality. 

There will be things, events, people and whatever else may come my way to help or hinder this process. It will be up to me to decipher these and to utilize or throw out what is useful or that which is trash.

It really sounds easy doesn’t it?…except for one thing. I truly and honestly believe that in my mind, this can be done easily if it wasn’t for the emotional factor. Bring emotions into the picture and it get’s ugly at times. I’m ready for that too…. 

What Was I Thinking?

So here I am, making designs for my website and I’m messing around with different drawing tools. Just to get used to it I doodled for awhile. Once I see what can be done I say it’s time to see what I can come up with. 

Because of the stencil type objects, I decided a background color was needed. Once I decided on the color, I realized I should fill the object  with color. Black was too dark and red was too red. Then I found it. 

At the time the object was only the size of an egg, in a triangular shape. Then I began to stretch the object and there it was the cave.
At least that’s what it looked like in my eyes.

The moment I saw that, I knew it was what I had been looking for. For what I had no idea, but I knew it was perfect. 

After looking at the finished product for a moment, I knew exactly what I wanted next. A balloon to put words into. Messing around with that for another few minutes and the words began to take on a character.

A name….a name….he needed a name. sudnalger came to be his name. 

I was going to include him in this blog, but decided he should have his own.

The strange or funny part about all of this?….none of this was how my original plan going the design of the object, was supposed to happen. For me, it’s perfect. 

I believe I have found something that I can play with and have fun. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 

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