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If Time Did Stop

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Time ticks away by the seconds
Minute by minute, hour by hour
Awake we all, as the sun beckons
Rise from the bed, into the shower

 Starting the day that awaits
Fresh from head to toe
Off to work, or whatever in states
Going here and there, to and fro

But I wonder sometimes
If time came not to be
Also do bells and chimes?
The waves from the sea?

No more songs from birds
No more wind or rain
 Silence, we hear no words?
 Hearts feeling no pain?

Would there be peace
At long last for sure?
Or does life cease
For all to endure

My thanks to The Poetry Palace for this award.

Blessings come from God, and people with love
The award you see, yes the one up above
Has been given to me, for the poem I wrote
“If Time Did Stop”, with lumps in my throat

I wrote it with care, and much in mind
And they who voted, were oh so kind
I write this with love, and appreciation
I accept this award from my, writing station


Change Has Come

I have made the decision to move my poetry to another blog that I’ve had for a couple of years at least…doing nothing with it.

The title on that blog is Reggie’s Thinking

This will get me back to concentrating on what this blog is all about. Once I get settled in a bit more with copying poems from here to there, I’m going to be adding a forum to my blog which I’m hoping will be helpful and fun for many many people.

It will be about the guts of what this blog title is.

Should you venture over to my other place, it is truly in it’s infancy. I’m in no hurry to get stuff copied but I did want to start using the other site as soon as possible for the start of the poetry posting. 

That’s it for now. I do have an award post I need to get done here and that will be done later today as I’m doing other stuff to get this done without a lot of hassle (hopefully).


The moon was rising
Above the rooftop
Rising above the trees

Its brilliance is hazily beautiful 
Even though someone

Has taken a scoop
From the moon again?
No worries…

The moon is gracious
It gives of itself
Until it is no more

But returns again
Bright in the sky
With it’s borrowed light

Ready to become full again
To give again
Then to leave, for a moment


This is my entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 42….let’s go see what else is there.

My thanks to
Vinay and Jingle

My nomination goes to

Brush With Paint

I am truly blessed and honored to have won another award. I almost feel guilty for accepting awards for doing something I have fun doing and sharing.

I thank any and everyone for the nomination…my thanks to Jingle and all those at Thursday Poets Rally for making this possible. 

My nomination goes to Lolamouse for her piece: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp.

Below is the poem that won me this honor.

Brush With Paint

If I had a brush of paint

How would I paint the world?
What would the colors be?
What form would it take?

Change the sky?
No way, it is perfect
It changes on it’s own.

Green trees are everywhere
I change those to–
No wait, they also change,

The grass at times 
Is harshly brown, prickly
You know when,
…just before it changes 

To green, which is a nice
Color to gaze upon
In the heat and cool

Of the day
That has begun
With an abundance
Of activity.

My goodness,
The smallest of a 
Living creature

Has and is doing
An amazing feat,
Simply because of 
It’s size alone.

I have yet to use my
Brush with paint
To apply my 

The world is massively

Surely it could use my
Of a brush with paint,

But it changes
On it’s own
Without my help,
Without my brush with paint

This is my entry to Poets Rally Week 40…let’s journey on over…

I’ll Take Them

It is better to give than it is to receive.
It is a pleasure for me that I am able to take
part each week in giving of myself
through poetry.

I have been blessed to receive these awards
for giving of myself for something
I truly enjoy doing. 

In my heart I feel as if I don’t deserve
them, but I accept them with honor.

My Participation Awards 

Many thanks to everyone 
who makes all of this possible 

It Is You

I am humbled to receive
Yet another award if you believe
It is I who have done
This which is so much fun

It is not I, no not at all
I have accepted the call
To read, write, enjoy the view
It is not I, it is You

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for all of your support. I am still learning as we all are. For Life is our teacher and we as students continue to excel. 

My special thanks to JingleThursday Poets Rally, and so many others. 

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