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Then Again….

This is a post I had sitting on the shelf. I was struggling at the time and loaded this page with the images I had taken the time to choose according to my mood at that time. The date of the draft was February 13, 2011.

the way i’ve been feeling 
lately…like i just wanna 
say…i give up!

                                                    i don’t know if i’m
                                  coming or going                                                                                                                  

but i know i have family
and friends, some i know 
in flesh and bone, and some
i have never met….

i appreciate you being there, even in silence…i have said a time before, the journey is ours alone, but we do not travel alone…

even with friends and support,
i have to look into the 
mirror to see what is there

 anyway, i want to wish everyone 
a happy valentine’s day!

All images courtesy of Google Images

I just couldn’t let all my hard work go to waste…now could I?

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