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Just Because….

                                           Just because…


                                              … it’s there.


I Love My New (Used) Bike

A couple of weekends ago, I was helping my boss move boxes at his place so that he can begin enjoying his man cave. In doing so, he had a 18 speed bike that was taking up space he no longer had a need or want for it.

It had been sitting in a garage for years but was still in good condition. The tires were dry and I knew the tubes would have to be replaced as well. Yesterday I did the front tire and tube. This morning I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and got the other tire and tube.



After removing the old tire and tube, I saw that rust was on the inside of the rim.


So a little elbow grease and a scrubby pad was in order.


That didn’t take too long and before I knew it, it was all back together.


It rides much better than I thought it would and I rode further than planned. I really like my new (used) bike.


Now I have an after work stress burner!

The Gray Of The Day

The gray of the day is the start
Yet the sun shines above all unseen
The gray blocks the needed D
Spirits of some are dampened
Yet the sun does shine above unseen
The rays penetrate not the gray
The laughter of hearts are still
In want of the shine and warmth
Yet the sun does shine nonetheless
Unseen due to the gray of the sky


The mysteries that lie beyond horizons wake
Delivers untold intities to thresholds unspecified
Questions arise in want of knowledge
Anwers of disparity for some
While for others, greater joy
So entails the cycle of horizons
Be as it may, be as it is

Morning Has Come

Morning has come and I ready myself

Ahead is the day that is given

Mine eyes stayed closed mostly

Through a night of peaceful sleep

Thank you Lord for my rest

I give you glory for what you do


My sleep is not as I would like for it to be. I find myself sleeping when I would like to be awake and awake when I would like to be sleeping. I’m not sure why. I’m thinking of changing a couple of my things in my to do list, in order to break this routine I have fallen into. I could do some things now while I am awake, but I know I would be up until 2 or three in the morning even though I would be up at 5 to get ready for work. 

To do some of the things at this hour of the night would require the use of power tools at times…not a good time. If I were to pull up my designing software, I would get no sleep at all or I work until falling asleep at my PC.

I’m beginning to think I’m one of those people who slows down emotionally during the winter months. I never thought of myself as having that problem before, but I am getting older and I don’t consider myself as being old. I don’t act or work my age. It’s not that I’m trying to stay young…that’s just how I am. When I work, I work hard. When I’m with family and friends (I count my co-workers as friends) I like to laugh. The laughter of those around me makes me feel good.

I am concerned but not worried about my misdirected sleep and falling behind in some accomplishments but there will be a turnaround.


Another Cover

Another Cover

Chocolate Facebook Cover


Lime Facebook cover

Lime Facebook cover



The Aftermath


Home From Work

Traffic was thick on the way home…but I had to stop to pick up a few things before heading home. I decided to take my time and not let the rush hour get to me. Just before leaving work, it was very misty. You could tell it was sticking around or going to pick up steam, and I knew that would bring the rush hour to a crawl.

After arriving home, my daughter was leaving to run an errand. She asked me to cook the rice and green beans.


The rice is on its way and the beans are too.


This is safe stuff to cook.

This is how my evening is starting.


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