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QuesMark Thinking

Decision making can be exhaustively taxing

Draining mindful resources to the brink of disillusion

Not in vain for purposeful want in hopes

Ideas which shine as bright as explosive stars

Creating anew that which is greater than before

The wonders of wandering to distant in mind

Pleasurable visions unseen in hand

Breathtaking and lost to the moment

Culminating to fruition in time


My current Project

My current project is due to noise I had been hearing from my front end while driving. After examination I narrowed it down to the outside tie-rod end on the driver’s side.



After I finished I took for a spin and the noise is gone, it handles better and now I have to get a wheel alignment.

A expected project  done unexpectedly.


A Bloggers Pic In Poetry 5

Welcome to

A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry

This is number 5 and again Daniel Plumer is the featured photographer.

I just have one question…do u see what eye see?
Daisies Of Yellow

Slowly approach, does the Cloud Of White
Sneaky he is, disguised in upper top right

Under cover of thick and dark it seems 
Hiding behind glasses, his eyes are not seen

Laying in wait is the Rock Of Stone Mount
Face in center below, lips parched under its snout

Hand of left ready to batter what the cloud will bestow
His chest still and steady beneath the face, coming slow

‘Tis a battle to commence betwixt these two fellows
See them flee the scene, all these Daisies Of Yellow

Photo by Daniel Plumer 

Poem by me  


Outside Of Mama’s Eyes

Hey @MahoganyWayMama, I know you see the kids in pictures all the time, but here’s a look outside of your eyes.

I Found Myself In Thought

I finally got around to making it comfortable to work outside. The shade and the breeze are soothing. TheWife was off Wednesday and ‘reminded me’ that it would be a good idea to put the umbrella up. We have a dining room table that’s been around since we’ve been married….well after we got our first apartment…..anyway, I digress ; the only thing I had to do was to drill the hole and set the umbrella. We had chairs but the table is the only thing that  survived, but these will do for now. 

Now I’m outside and I realized my thoughts spanned several years of my life. A couple of days ago I was thinking of “the thought that kept driving me to do better than where I am” at any given moment in my life, that is what I want to do. Strive to do better, even when others see it as just someone else with a dream. The driving force in this particular thought stems from my tenure as an Autoglass Technician. When I first got into installing, it was a new adventure…learning, hands on, making decisions, getting things done under, at times almost impossible circumstances. Sure there were lots of times when a call was necessary but for the most part it was if I was my own company.

So over the years I made manager and this was a whole new ballgame. I felt as if I was fed to the wolves. I was a ‘working manager’ and many aspects of the job were never taught…yeah you know, on the managing end. Of course I was to ‘pick up on this part’ in between installs. It was almost a torturous number of years. So when that didn’t work, I was offered a tech job….that’s pretty much what they all do when you don’t work out as a manager….unless you really screwed up bad. 

Besides my drive to want a better life for myself and my family, I scoped the ranks of the technician pool and I didn’t want to be one of those who has toiled and labored for years on end and then retire as a tech. I saw the battered bodies and frustrated minds….but I kept listening to the promise of opportunity…even with another company….and there too, the years of labor taking its toll on the seniors of the tech pool….realizing, if I stayed the course, I would be one of them. 

I’m no better than any of them, but I finally chose to pull myself away from that table, and let the plate fall to its breaking….while I still have the drive and desire to fulfill accomplishments. 

Now I turn my attention to other tables to see what feasts or spoils await.     

One More Please

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It Doesn’t Take Much

I took these pictures in our back yard earlier today.

It doesn’t take much to appreciate the fact that change is on the way.

Life Has

Courtesy of Google Images

The path of the unknown is dark and bright. It is bumpy, curvy, hills abound, mountains are not moved but a way is made. The atmospheric conditions for the most part are predictable, but uncertainty looms on any horizon, at the doorstep of a given sunset. 

I would love to have clear skies for visibility. Dry pavement for support. A light wind to be free of stagnant air.

As we travel along the path, see the beauty of life. Witness the trees giving way to the wind, swaying in appreciation, the leaves applauding. Those same leaves in another season, dancing along the ground…close your eyes and listen, it is truly a beautiful dance. 

The path renders lessons to hold, lessons to give.

The journey can be relentless, unkind, brutal and at times devastating. The unknown of the journey does not care how we feel, what we want or need. It too is on a mission and at times that is to create chaos. Other times we benefit from it’s pleasure. There are times when the unknown of the journey will lift us or bring something, someone alongside for a moment to comfort, to help, to encourage.

We fear the unknown.

It is because we are bred to fear?

Yes, life has…at times that comes in the form of the unknown.    


Bits and Pieces

Some people have said that I am cocky. I like to think that I am being confident in who I am. Consciously, I do not give off an aura of cockiness; I do believe that it stems from having conversations with me. What do you mean I talk like I know everything?

Actually, I consider myself to be on the geek side of manhood with a little smooth around the edges. 

I remember being shy throughout my life, although many would say otherwise. I am quiet under certain situations until warming up, especially when in a group of unknowns.

When I was younger I was really good at remembering numbers. Tell me a phone number one time and I had it. I loved Math in school up until Trigonometry. When they introduced that to me I lost it, but I survived it. Speaking of school, that was my most shy times when it came to girls; oh I dated, but there were certain girls that I had trouble with. In other words, I stumbled a lot…they had no trouble being themselves around me, I was just a goof at times. Maybe I just put them a tad high on the pedestal…ya think? Some things never change.

Moving on…my school days was a mix of good and bad. I was too afraid to do wrong for fear of what mom and pop would do to me. I was pretty good at most subjects during those times, but as I came into Junior High I realized that I didn’t enjoy learning anymore. All I wanted to do was get through Junior and High school and be done with it. Looking back, the way I was being taught in school had a big affect on why I did not choose college. In some ways I miss not going to college, but even if I did attend I knew I would have trouble. I love learning, Love it. I think learning through a book is too slow for me. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is absolutely necessary to study and hit the books…for certain things. I see why parents choose unschooling or homeschooling, it’s more natural…that would have been good for me; I see that now. 

Hey, get this… I like to read. I used to read mystery, drama, and yes I even dabbled in some romance. My most recent reads have been computer magazines. It’s been awhile since I’ve even read one of those.
Most of you who have been reading my blog know where a lot of my time has been spent. Reading, as much as I love it has been limited to my monitor; I know I know… shameful. I’ve been telling myself I should get back into reading.

I’m missing something….oh yeah, my tools. *sigh*   

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