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I Spoke Too Soon

I may have spoken too soon when I mentioned how bad it wasn’t here, concerning Hurricane Sandy….not thinking about what may happen elsewhere. It began to unfold as I got bits and pieces of what was happening north of us while I was at work today.

As I sit here watching the news, the devastation is coming to light. I almost feel as if I was being selfish, but I posted that before the northern portion of our area had been hit. Still for me, it doesn’t lessen the blow.

The loss of life and property is mounting and so does my feelings of being an idiot.

Lessons are learned in so many different ways. I wish I didn’t have to learn this one.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones and to the survivors who will recover from this change that has taken hold of their lives.


What A Difference

Hurricane Sandy is making an impact but could be much worse due to its size and I for one feel very fortunate because this could very well be a Category 2 or higher hurricane which would have made this a much more destructive storm than what it is….not to say Sandy isn’t doing any damage at the size it is.
The photos above were taken one week ago at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront at 9th street.

These were taken today, same area.

They were taken in the morning around the same time, about 8:30.

What a difference. 
This is a short video I shot while taking the pictures.

A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry 2

This the second in the series titled
A Blogger’s Pic In Poetry 

Like the first one, this photo is by Daniel Plumer 

 Whoda Thought

I stand in place, never thought to be seen
Stand I sure I do, mine eyes do believe
Possible not, but here I do
Standing strong proudly tis true

I have weathered storms of many
More to come, they are a plenty
Faulter not have I, years gone ago
Up to now and now until, who know

Photo by Daniel Plumer    

Poem by me

I Remember When

I remember when I was posting with a zeal that was fresh and alive…now I am struggling still to capture those moments.

So here I am with less than half an hour to get this post in. I don’t show myself often…these were taken in June after our dryer went south. 

Yes….I can do laundry…..

The weather was really nice that day.

Now We Wait

Tomorrow morning hurricane Irene will have hit land in North Carolina and then proceed onward over the Chesapeake Bay and head north toward the rest of the east coast, leaving behind her path of destruction. Work has been cancelled for Saturday but they plan to open on Sunday.

I stopped at the store after work to get a few more things like paper products and more water and batteries and some snacks.

Now it’s a matter of waiting…seems strange to have this much time on my hands and don’t seem to know what to do with it. I have been socializing with family and friends on Facebook while working on this post…I got a few goods laughs out of that. I’ve forgotten how easy it is and how rewarding it can be to say a few words among family and friends….I’m always too busy to take time to relax, and breath…saying that, it reminds me of something I said in one of my very early posts; losing sight of what this is really about…remembering that there is life and not to lose sight of that. That includes socializing, meeting new friends, staying active. 

I have found that I have become complacent once I get home from work. My motivation has diminished because I feel so drained and extinguished. 

I am starting to feel better and have some drive working in my favor. This hurricane may have an affect on my blog challenge…we’ll see how that goes. I feel a calm as the storm approaches and I believe that is due to the locals who have lived here for years…yes there is a lot of stocking up going on but that is being smart, but there is a sense of no panic among the neighbors and I believe that carries over. I was talking to a neighbor earlier this evening and she wanted to know if we were staying. As far as we can tell, everyone is staying in our area….we have no evac notice.

DaddyCharles and MahoganyMama did take the kids to his family’s place in Newport News. They were going to stay but it was a last minute decision to go.

I guess I’ll get off here and play a game or two before bed.

Stay safe locals.

It’s Getting Interesting

First we have an earthquake and now we’re in the path of a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour, gusting to 140. Some areas have mandatory evacuation while at the moment, some have voluntary evac. 

This is a huge storm and unless we can get west of Richmond, we may as well sit tight. Watching the updates, they say that it could come farther inland and really make things nasty.

I bet the store shelves are gonna empty pretty fast….no sooner I say that, I get a pic on TV of a store shelve emptied of its goods.

I hope we don’t lose electricity. I can deal with the wind and rain.

I’m scheduled to work Saturday but that may change. Well, one more day and the fun begins.

i am

i am here
i am there
i am everywhere

i am not seen
but you see me 
the effects i create

it does not matter the season
it does not matter the year
it does not matter at all

i make you happy
i make you sad
i cause you to gasp

waters, be still
waters, be still not

you know me, what i am
you know me, what i do
you cannot do without me

i am a friend to you
i am a problem

i am at peace
i am vicious

times i am gentle
times i am blusterous
times i am not

still you cannot do without me
love me, hate me
i will never leave

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