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QuesMark Thinking

Decision making can be exhaustively taxing

Draining mindful resources to the brink of disillusion

Not in vain for purposeful want in hopes

Ideas which shine as bright as explosive stars

Creating anew that which is greater than before

The wonders of wandering to distant in mind

Pleasurable visions unseen in hand

Breathtaking and lost to the moment

Culminating to fruition in time


My current Project

My current project is due to noise I had been hearing from my front end while driving. After examination I narrowed it down to the outside tie-rod end on the driver’s side.



After I finished I took for a spin and the noise is gone, it handles better and now I have to get a wheel alignment.

A expected project  done unexpectedly.


A Gifted Talent Given

Let the talent of the talent shine

Brightly as gifted it was given, absolute

Astounding, the beauty of the gifted talent

How bright the talent?…matters not

Resting it aside for still of time, wasted

For it is not the one to give the talent light

But true to the giving, it is His light shining

Once the talent is motioned thru space of time

Wonder not the beauty to the eye

Savor in His gift, the talent given to shine

What’s Going On

I have been steadfastly busy trying to find my niche and still may be empty, but I feel as if I am in a groove if you will. It is difficult to find something that the consumer will take a look at, let alone buy. 

I do believe I am on my way though. 

So have I found what may be something that could find itself into the homes?

Only time will tell.

To see what I talking about, please visit my website at

If you like what you see, please leave a comment.

Here’s The Revised Edition

I wasn’t able to sit and work on my new video like I thought I would but I finally got it finished tonight and although it still isn’t what I really wanted concerning the speed of the heart growing, I’m happy with the video. 

The border in the image is my own hand doodle design in 3D of course. You’ll be seeing more of those. 

I had new ideas come to me while finishing this one and I’m gonna get busy starting it before I turn in.

I hope you enjoy the video…..and the audio is my own mix.

Fear and Success

Image Credit
Image Credit

A Vintage Collection

While working one day this summer, the owner of these vintage classics allowed me to photograph his collection.

1923 Ford Model T
Convertible 1 door
1937 Pontiac Coupe

Chevy BelAir

Chevy Camaro

I forgot the year and model of this one he was
currently #workinon

Mercedes Benz


I’m Beside Myself

I have missed two consecutive weeks of not posting my WhatrUWorkinOn meme. I have pretty much destroyed my 30 day blog challenge. I’m in, I’m out. I’m hot, I’m cold. 

I’m driving myself crazy trying to stay consistent, or to even come close to resembling someone who means what he says. At times I feel as if I have given up…but I’m not a quitter. 

I want to bury my head in the sand to avoid whatever it is that hangs over me. I want to soak up the sunshine and walk in cool grass as the blades slice between my toes.

I want to take my fists and pound them into a wall until it begins to crumble before me or until my hands are bloodied or broken. I want to hear the sound of the sea’s waves washing onto the beach or splashing against the rocks.

This is such a sad state to be in…I’m tired of it and I’m sure you are not enjoying this yourself….what to do…what to do.

I guess I’ll have to keep plugging away and striving forward…I mean, this can’t last much longer…could it?

Anybody out there want to do a trade off? Just kidding….I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. 

It’s not ALL bad. I do have continued chances to turn this around….I wake up everyday and I’m thankful for that.


I’m still in the process of making the transition of my poetry to Reggie’s Thinking. I will be absent this week from the community….because of the change and also because I have to get a handle on my time management. 

Happily, the reasons why I’m having trouble add up to three.

Yes, these three grands are part of the reason for being away from this space at times. With the warm up in the weather, times outdoors is a must.

At first I was really stressing that I hadn’t posted in awhile or written a poem. Then I realize something I said in one of my earliest post….even I would have to search that one….but the point is this, if I lose focus of family and what my future is all about, these posts are all for nothing.

Staying focused….Whatr U Workin On?


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