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Time Share

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Your time, mine~are hours
Feelings of passion in air
No one knows, save we
It is ours, we share

Hearts tell the tale,
No one knows
Thump thump thump
Sweat, sweet rose

Releasing fruit sensuous
Boilers steaming, hot
Warming presence felt
Even tho touch, is not

Deep sighs of breaths,
Touch of no caress  


Winter’s Time

Courtesy of Photobucket

Winter is surely upon us as it stayed in the 30’s but it felt much colder with the wind. I had a hard time keeping my hands warm, as is the case with each passing winter.

My hands have taken a beating over the years; some from my own young, not really thinking what long term effects playing in the snow year after year with no gloves, might have. I’m sure I am dealing in some way with that. 

I have almost always worked outside during my years of employment. 

Today was brisk. I was dressed for it but it’s tough to keep the hands warm continually and I can’t do what needs to be done in thick heavy gloves. 

So I take a few minutes to warm the hands. 

You know what?…I will take these temps for winter time any day.

Again I am reminded that we don’t get snow here.

Courtesy of Photobucket

I think I will miss that at some point. I have always liked the snow. I would love to sit in a window and watch it fall. I was fascinated at how it seemed to just appear out of nowhere from the nighttime sky, the street lights setting the stage for the wind dance; that’s when the snow would swirl and dance in the wind before giving way to gravity…that was always my favorite snowfalls to experience. 

I’m listening to the radio right now…R&B…it’s perfect for what I like to do when I’m posting or designing. It sets the mood…I can really relax and unwind…let my emotions of the day slowly drain…

Speaking of designing, I haven’t been. Not a stitch. Not a swirl. Not a thing.

That did a lot for me. More than I had thought…until now. Now I know I was too engulfed into my work. I learned something from that…I can still have the zeal, but I can also take time for me. 

I just feel that if I’m not doing something, then nothing is getting done. Does that make sense to you? 

I’m going to be my own MONSTER. That’s gonna suck…I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. 

So I’ll have to take a look in the mirror and ask myself…
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