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My Life Has Meaning

I gripe and complain, moan and groan
But I continue to move forward
Because my life has meaning

I am not as young
But I hold my own
But I moan and I groan

That seems to be my cry
These days when I am not as young
But I still continue on

Because my life has meaning
That is why as my body aches
My hands need to keep moving

So they too will be there at the ready
Because I’m not as young as I used to be
But continue on I will

Because my life has meaning
I look into their eyes
They sparkle like stars

I hear their giggles and laughs
I hear the conversations
I see and feel the unity

We are a family PeePaw MaMaw Reg
 Charles n Darcel along with the 3
Kiah Ava and Samuel

So as I moan groan work through body aches
My mind is filled with pictures of love
Because my life has meaning

Yes my body aches
And continue on I will
I will strive to move forward

Because I’m tired of being tired
I will strive to move forward
To lay a foundation

Because my life has meaning
I do it for love I do it for love
Though I am not as young

I will strive to move forward
I will make achievements 
I will reach goals

As long as I’m here
I will move forward
For I have many reasons

Not to think of the aches
But to think of the love
Because my life has meaning 


Anything Is Possible

Who hasn’t heard about the Ted Williams story. He used to work in radio years ago but fell on hard times. I saw the story first when I pulled up Yahoo when I got home from work. I clicked on the link and was blown away by what I was hearing.

His voice is amazing.

Not long after that he is in the news and after that, the news magazine shows, Inside Edition, Extra and any other shows I wasn’t watching.

His life changed in 24 hours

Ever since I can remember, I have always thought that anything is possible. I envision and I dream of the improbable but I believe that they are possible.

Is it wrong to set your sights too high? I mean, that’s a perfect situation for a let down…a spiral into the sea of despair. But if one doesn’t reach for the stars, how will one know what they are capable of?

The stars are as far away as we wish them to be, or close enough to touch.

Strive for the unreachable, find out what can be achieved, let’s be the person we never thought we could be and surprise someone…ourselves.

Life Is

Life is full of this and full of that
 We all know that’s old hat

We laugh we cry we fuss we fight
In the end we do what is right

Another day has dawned upon us
Some are waking and starting to cuss

Some will work and some will play
This will happen throughout the day

Enjoy it all and have much fun
At the end of the day it will all be done

it has me too

Courtesy of Photobucket

if i wander too far
will i find my way back?
what awaits around  the bend
will i be afraid to venture?
or excited to see

the obstructions that tend to slow me down
how will i find the proper way to handle
will it come easy
or do i search endlessly

the rules of the game are
there are no rules
doesn’t seem fair
life has the advantage

that means i have to work harder
work through the obstructions
it’s ok to be afraid
just make sure i move forward

i will search and i will find 
life has the advantage 
and it has me too


My alarm goes off at 5:30 this morning. 

I snooze for 15 minutes.

I get up, go get my coffee, come back to my room and check mail, watch the news and a voice inside my head is telling me to check the schedule.

It’s my day off.


Football and No Work

OK…it’s Thursday night. First game of the 2010 Football season. The Saints lead the Vikings 7 – 3. No, I’m not going to give a play by play or keep you updated on the score. Anyway, by the time most of you read this, you will already know the outcome of the game.

My thing is this. Why am I feeling guilty? When I got home from work yesterday, I didn’t do anything. Today, the same. Deep down I feel I should be doing something. At the same time I feel as if I deserve a rest….everyone does right?

I have deadlines to meet and I know if I keep this up, I will fall further behind. I do realize the stress is building and I must stay focused. I also realize that I am human and if I push too hard, that could make things worse. Is there a happy medium? 

Of course there is. One thing I need to do is to step back and look at the big picture, and in this picture I see a lot of red because the red is in my eyes. I did work late today and was really tired when I got home. What do I do? Stay the course. Tonight, I rest again and remove the guilt. I know I will get back to where I need to be and to focus on what is at hand. If I had sat myself down to work on my designs, I wouldn’t have accomplished much because my mind is tired….I know this. 

I almost sound as if I’m having a self pity party. Not so. I have a job that is stressful, demanding, and tiring (is that a word?). It really does take a lot out of me at times….it’s real…I can’t get away from it…not yet.

Pity?…no. Whine?…maybe. Whatever it is, there ya have it. 

Tomorrow, it’s back to business. Right now?…Saints lead the Vikings, 14 – 9. The Vikings missed the extra point.

Good and Bad….but no Ugly

I really had no intention on waiting this long before my next post.  I’m trying to get caught up on the designs I lost during my PC crashes. I’m doing well in that area except I keep straying because I see more ideas to mess around with. 

I think I might have to delay the opening of my website. I see I’m not going to be ready. Working a full time job takes a lot out of the day, and when I get home, I’m mentally strained as well as physically. So I have to unwind and get “work” out of the way so I can get down to business. I also ordered a latest version of the PrintMaster software. It is Broderbund’s PrintMaster 2011 and I should have it soon. It’s more compatible with Windows 7. I’ve had this version (PrintMaster Gold 11)  for a number of years and although happy with it, ready for the upgrade.

I was toying with The Heart and wondered if I could do something I had been thinking about. This is the result I came up with last night. I have yet to print a copy, and I am currently in the process of taking care of that. 

When I get the printed results, I will share them with you.

New ideas keep popping into my head, but now I need to focus on the matter at hand. I can always come back to this end of it at anytime…..that is when I’m not “working”.  

The Good is that I’m still getting things caught up albeit slower than expected. The Bad…delay in website opening. Ugly? There’s nothing Ugly about these pictures. 

Up and Running

Finally got the pc back up and running smooth. I had a couple of system files on two other hard drives. The 300G went south for good. I realized if I didn’t do something to fix this, I would be having trouble again. Before, I was just doing a format of the hard drives. I decided to delete the partitions on drives that had systems files; that way I would start clean. I did that and now I’m installing software and getting things back in order. 

I do have copies of my designs, but I can’t use them for print. They will be my templates for getting caught up.

I did a post on my daughter’s blog, Guest Post Friday . I was hoping to come home from work to see how it went but it turns out I had to fix a few things. I got that done and now I’m getting ready to bury myself into some music and the pc…. a lot of work to do. 

One thing I do like about this past bad experience?…..I didn’t let it get to me. I didn’t have to spend any extra money or lose any sleep; I lost files, but I have copies, I lost a lot of time from designing–working and working on the pc–, but knowing what needs to be done and having something to work from, makes that task enjoyable. 

This was the debut of The Bottomless Heart….yes, catch the link above. I hadn’t planned on bringing it out this soon, but after a short time thinking, felt it was the perfect time. 

More pictures will be added to my website 
Feel free to browse until it’s running full speed.

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