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Times Like These

While going through my muck (my time in ugh!land), there is something that I already knew but had come to realize, that I never should have stopped writing. 

I can’t explain why I completely shut down other than another thing I have come to understand. I’m drained. I believe that it is more than just a matter of months, but quite possibly a matter of years that is the cause. 

It just seems no matter what I do to move forward, I keep getting knocked back down. Now I know that it’s not supposed to be a bed of roses all the time, but come on…it seems a constant barrage. Mind boggling. But I somehow manage to stay above water to avoid drowning. 

Then I open my mail to find that someone else has shown kindness. 

I was recently awarded a Creative Blog Award from Becca Givens. I must apologize to Becca for me taking so long to accept and share the award which I did here

And then there’s Promising Poets’ Parking Lot showing appreciation with this award.      

It’s times like these that help to take some of the muck away. 

From now on, when I get hit, I’ll try to write instead of turning off the switch.

Oh how I wish.

I Just Like To Write

What have I become in these past few months?

Am I not the same man who has awaken daily to go about life’s journey, to do what is necessary to acquire the essentials to sustain what we call life? What is so different about me that I am so pleased to have a plateful waiting. When I am here, I am able to open a world that I have longed for, a world that fills the senses of contemplation, passion, relaxation, creativity, the obscure, humor, love,  poetic justice.

I am finding that this world is filled with knowledge that makes me feel and know that I still have much to learn. I am not running from, but steadfastly heading toward this world. This world has opened to me my desire, one of my passions, to write. 

I have always loved writing. Not novels, or stories. Just writing. I’ve been blogging for less that a year now, my anniversary is in March, and still feeling that beginning curve. Reading that first post again…I feel as if I am staying true to that. And that’s without really trying. 

That makes it fun, and crisp. 

When I sit here and write, I am at home, at peace…in my world. What I really like about it?…I just like to write. I’m being me, simple as that. I sometimes like to be funny, at times I can be romantic, or revealing. Whatever I choose, or feel for the moment to write, I can be me. I am realizing how much I missed being me. 

It is not an escape, but an addition, to write. 

I don’t want to escape, nor am I able to escape what the real world is throwing at me. I can’t, nor will I hide from the journey…that is this life. 

But what I have, I will use to make a difference in my life to make this journey. 
Am I trying to make a difference?…I really hope so. I’m getting older in this life and I have still much to experience, more to learn. This world that has been a part of my life, albeit doormat, is now awakening. 

It is giving me therapeutic relief? 

It can be at times, yes. When the pressures of a day tend to take the wind out of me, yes…I like to write. I can write the anguish I feel in my heart to sooth the pain. So yes, it can be therapeutic.

I really don’t write as much as I would like. I just don’t have the time. Although I would love to sit for hours and just write, I can’t. I know I said that I don’t write novels or stories, but that has been something I’ve wanted to do, but I know I don’t have that type of writing skill to pull it off. 

I like to write poetry although I feel humbled by what I have come across these past couple of weeks. I was invited to One Shot Wednesday and Poetry Potluck over at Jingle Poetry. I love the venue the journey has chosen to steer. Although I am in the presence of seasoned poets, again feeling humbled and overwhelmed by what I am reading,  I am happy to be able to write what I feel and to express myself. 

I want this to stay fun…if I lose that, I lose. 

I Love A Challenge

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m in the beginning of a 30 day blog challenge. It began on the 19th. I have to say that so far I am really enjoying this…but’s it’s early. Not that I don’t enjoy writing, I’m afraid of the block. It’s not here yet so I really shouldn’t even be thinking about it…besides, that’s not like me.

I’m really good with communicating with people. I make friends easily, but for some reason, I have trouble opening up on my blog. Thus the challenge.

This will be good for me in a lot of ways and we will all find out together.

The picture?….I just like it. It was a random pick. It has nothing to do with the post title, I had actually forgotten to title this post. I had finished the post with I just like it. ….I love coincidences too. 

Finishing a Chapter

I wanted to write something funny but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’ve always liked to write, but never really stayed with it. I remember back in my courting days in school I was a pretty good poetry writer….yes I wrote many poems to the ladies back in the day. I wrote a poem for Family Day at New Life Worship Center when I lived in Dayton, OH some years ago….I’ll have to dig that up and post it. I remember sitting and making attempts at writing a book. Why all of a sudden am I out here writing? Because it’s time. I’m tired of waiting for the right moment…..the right moment has come and gone several times already. I’m having fun….I’m able to have a thought, post it and others will or will not read it. What is important is that I am writing. I feel as if an unfinished chapter is being completed in my life. I’m doing something I’ve had a passion for and loving it!!! Of course I can’t take all the credit. My daughter, Darcel, she’s at  The Mahogany Way  has been telling me I should do my own blog as I watched hers grow and how she has brought her life style into a well done piece of work I must say….if that’s not inspiration. I really love what Darcel has done in her family life and her personal life. She has been Workin On her life and making strides….what her blog has done for me, is to see the girls grow in a whole different light. When I check out her posts and see the pictures, it’s as if I’m seeing the girls for the very first time, pictures of them helping mommy cook, doing arts and crafts, learning about nature outside, enjoying the water after a rain….
This also gives me an opportunity to reconnect with my family….that is what this internet has done for us.
I’m not done yet……I feel a connection with old friends even though we may not talk for eons at a time. You are in my thoughts, all of you are my family also. I look forward to the coming moments when I will read your comments and check out the pics…watching families grow. I also look forward to the friends I will make along the way.
As I said before, I’m having fun, lovin it, and have no idea what my next post will be about ….and that’s what I’m Workin On.

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