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Him n Her In The Clouds

Romance in the clouds

Him n Her InTheClouds

All The Same





Open Doors

This Makes Me Happy

It makes me happy when a finished clock gets good reviews. I was recently asked by a co-worker to design a clock for his uncle who is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Unable to use any official NFL logos I put together something I thought would ‘make the grade’. I have to admit I was a little nervous wondering if Ken (co-worker) would like what I came up with.

After the initial design, I sent it to him in a message and to my surprise and pleasure he was happy with it. All he wanted was a shift in word placement which meant I would have to move some of the artwork also. I was curious if the finished clock would be greeted with the same enthusiasm as I got from Ken so I took it to work  the day before Ken was to get it. Everyone who saw it was really pleased with it. Some even asked if I put it all together myself.

I may have a couple of new orders because they liked it that much. This my first 8.5 x 11 landscape design clock.






I’m really looking forward to my next project, but in the meantime I’ll be #workinon getting my Etsy Store up and running.

Show Some Love-On This Day

Aren’t they the cutest?

Male tee

Click image and go!

Is It Really Worth It?

Sometimes when I’m sitting here at my work station, I wonder if what I am doing is really worth it. I spend hours upon hours designing, making changes and then when I think I’m happy with the finished product, more changes are made. There are times when I wander to check mail or just to browse, resting on a spot or two in envy when I read how luck shines on someone and they have an opportunity to make it big.

I would like to be successful in my work but I get discouraged and I feel as if all of this is such a waste of time. It’s been about two years since I’ve filed for my copyright and received the document in the mail last year. I was so excited to see it and was encouraged to continue on. As time rolled on, disappointment settled in once again. This is not unusual I’m sure….to be on this roller coaster ride because success does not come without up and downs.

Will I be as successful as I dream to be? Will all of my hard work pay off in the end? If I stay the course, only time will tell. Besides, in the end who has the right to say if success has truly laid a path for me….even if my name is not in the lights?

Is it really worth it?… betcha!

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