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You Came To Me

You came to me as a lamb, gentle

Whispering the desires of my heart

Shown to me as glittering array

Beckoning my soul to gather

You came to me, soft as silk

Soothing to my heart you came

Melting me to submissiveness

You came to me the lioness

Strong in loving ways, a fortress

Withstanding the elements of hindrance

Casting all aside this way and that

You came to me electric

Lighting my heart to a revival’s beat

Static~like with no friction

The flow of current run steadfast

You came to me as a waterfall

Overflowing to a mist refreshing

Washing my stained memories to nothing

A cleansing unfathomable

You came to me purposeful

Knowing only to unselfishly give

To fill a void of destitution

With all that you had, you came to me

Please Don’t Leave

I had mentioned recently that I am in the process of making changes and moving forward in a direction that I feel will work for me. I find it necessary to limit my blog posts to allow more time for what I need to concentrate on. During this time, I’m asking that you please don’t leave and think that I have abandoned my blog. I do appreciate the likes and comments that shows your interest in what I have to say or design.

The steps ahead will have twists and turns, pulling me here and there.


Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com
2010 – 2013


There may be moments when the unknown will strike an element of fear.

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com
2010 – 2013

But it will all lead me to where I would like to be.

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com           2010 -2013

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com
2010 -2013

Then I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com           2010 -2013

Copyright WhatrUWorkinOn.com
2010 -2013

I’m sure I will have a post here and there and some updates on my progress without giving away too much info. I will also keep an eye on what all of you are up to. With that said…I gotta go…lots of work ahead.

Love y’all

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